Mother’s Day


Everyday should be Mother’s Day for those of us with loving mothers. The Bible teaches to honor her, but how do we do that? I never got into trouble. I guess a did a few bad things as child, but not so many as to be unlovable.

But there were times I felt that way. I always wanted to be a success and give my mother things she never had because I know she worked hard for me and yet there so many Mother’s Day’s, birthdays, and occasions that I could not splurge or even had the money to buy a gift.

I often wrote her a poem and that seemed inadequate. Little did I know that I was giving her what she had given me. adaughtersgiftoflove…….yes, a lot of those days spent together cemented the firm ” Do what you know is right. ” mantra. And a personal ministry was born.

I had a kind of love I knew very little about, but no grace and peace to match it yet or so I thought. I was where God wanted me, how He created me to be and He will get the glory.Today, what I write reaches around the world.

I want people to know who Jesus is. Not just a man who was crucified but who did it willingly to love you forever, just as he did for me. Honoring your mother is as wonderful thing, because God wants you to, He also expects you to honor Him, and give Him first place.

The two can walk hand in hand because God honors mothers. He created them as an extension of His nurturing and loving side. So think of your Mother everyday, and make every day a Mother’s Day. Rebecca Jones


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