Mother’s Love Heals


A mother’s love is healing. Her kind words and gentle embrace. Her understanding ways, her ability to forgive, the broken lamp or curfew, or even the broken heart a rebellious child may cause, a mother’s love heals. Why? It is a gift from God. When a woman is truly a mother she will always attempt to the very best for her children, and would even give her life for them. Isn’t that what Jesus did?

There is an old movie where a woman scrubbed floors for years to save enough money to  get her son out of prison, it was based on a true story and the man was innocent, Her effort got him out. She probably would have scrubbed them just the same.

Another one has a woman also scrubbing floors, her out look was not so good as she had two children and one on the way. She scrimp and saved to make it while her husband worked sporadically, hoping to be a singer. While the first woman kept up hope the other did not. You can clearly see the motivation is different one is hope, the other despair. No doubt, scrubbing floors was hard work.

Many of our mothers and grandmothers worked hard, in factories or fields. Many could not read or write as well because of having to leave school to work. Mothers have gone without food, sleep, money and even love if the husband is not there for whatever reasons. Many fought the odds against race, prejudice and discrimination. To many, it is still a man’s world.

Women ministers were once frown up and sometimes still are. There were even attempts to stone some in the early 20th century. Carry the good news? No, plow and works like a horse, sure.

Women of our day have so many modern conveniences, I doubt they really realize how hard it must have been for our ancestors. But whether then or now, a mother’s love will still heal. It’s the balm of Gilead. It the softness of a dove, it is the song of the angels, holy and sacred the bond between mother and child.

The threefold cord is not easily broken usually refers to marriage but I think a mother’s love can be so strong in the Lord that He can have that wrapped in a cord also. There is much talk of saving cord blood for babies, talking of breaking the umbilical cord, and to stop hiding behind apron strings, but there is a great need for the tie that binds mother and child and Heavenly Father. Rebecca Jones


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