A Mother’s Miracle


Every child that is born is a miracle. The very creation of God, knit together and formed in the womb. Every one is a gift from the Lord, though they may not always act like it. God is a Father, the perfect Father, He knows all about sons and daughters and gives parents a solemn and joyful task of nurturing the new life into fruition.

What of the babies aborted?  He has them. Of those abandoned? He has an eye on those sparrows also. What of those who need care in the hospital? He has given doctors and nurses wisdom, and He is the healer. What of those who die? He is the only one who can be all knowing. There is an enemy to life and he  would steal it, kill it or destroy it.

God knows suffering and will take some home out of love and mercy. He is compassionate. We should, however, not give up on miracles, because He is the God of the miraculous, and it is incumbent on us, to speak life, to breathe the God breathed and inspired word over or children.

I like to study names, and their meanings. Jews named their children specific names. Job’s daughter’s had lovely names while Gomer’s children had names that reflected the poor spiritual condition of the land. It is good to pick a name and call a baby that, even in the womb, to introduce it to classical music and poetry, the word of God read aloud. Sing to the baby, pray for the baby. Abraham and Sarah’s names were changed and people must have thought they were crazy so wanting a child that he called himself, ” the father of many nations. ” God was call it for and they were doing the same.

We too can call out the good in our children. How many mother’s hearts have been broken when raised well, they still have a free will and go astray. Leave them to heaven.But if you have a miracle on the way or want one, begin to line up faithful prayers and expect your miracle.

Declare and decree good things for your children. Pronounce blessings on them. Have you ant idea how many times God is wanting to do good for you and you are not behaving or receiving with. It’s the same for Him, He call good plans for us. For we always follow Him?

Pray for the sick, Jesus actually said to heal the sick. But their faith matters and they must receive. And tell the enemy flat, he has no authority over your child and lay hold of faith and plead His blood and protection. Angels will walk with them, and demonic influence can be bound, cancelled assignments of evil, vanquished. God is not a person who only works for some but anyone who is willing to believe. It takes faith, hope and love, and love is the greatest. Not mere mortal love, but His love. And miracles happen.

I know because my mother and I were at death’s door. But God had a plan. Mothers are like she lions over their babies,sometimes too much, they may not want someone else correcting the little dears or get jealous of a child’affections for an aunt or caregiver, but the devil, go into wild mode or better still let Jesus cut him out. Don’t let the enemy steal our little miracles and turn them into addicts and worse. Mothers are instinctive prayer warriors.

I know my own is, I may be grown, but I am still my mother’s miracle. Rebecca Jones



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