A Mother’s Kiss


A mother’s kiss, soft and gentle. Like a breath of fresh air or a gentle spring breeze. The scent of her perfume and smell of lotions on her hands all these are fresh and fragrant reminders of mother. Rose water, lily of the valley or lilac, even lavender. I even once bought mine a gardenia scent.

She washes her face in olive oil soap, and now wears Miracle, which she is to me. It is usually me doing the kissing now. We need to talk about that. I can’t say I remember being kissed as a child but I remember kissing children I have kept. Once little boy could not pronounce, smooch, and was always annoyed at my lipstick on his cheek.

Though he had a mother and grandmother, he loved me. I used to watch him watching me. Blonde, blue eyed, star struck and mooning. You don’t get that innocent and pure love as often as you should as a woman, wife or mother.  He was only three but if I said he was mooning, he was mad.

While his single mother worked, he was having fun in family daycare and learning to write and had overcome quite a lot. I shouldn’t have teased him. It was a long time before anyone looked at me with love like that again.

A mothers kiss can dry a tear, calm the storms of night, chase away monsters from nightmares. It can cure a number of ills. It certainly makes boo boos heal faster. And might even help you fall fast asleep when your not even tired.

It coaxes you to wear a coat and hat or galoshes, to get ready for school even to get up. I one asked my mother when she stopped loving me? Not a good idea. I only mean and what I meant to say was, when did that mother/ child affection stop? Nine, ten…was our family not a bunch of huggers and kissers?

It happens to children all the time. You are just not as cute at eight as you were at six months, though you should be in some way, always changing and growing. Love doesn’t stop, it just changes. It turns into teaching and learning disciple and respect. Interests change, so do routines.

I once had someone tell me that her friends families said, ” I love you. ” While hers did not. I have to admit it sometimes sounds trite or obligatory. Siblings turn into surrogates, giving orders like mother, as other babies follow. It is important to give each one attention, boundaries and space. We all need room to grow.

I knew woman in her twenties who still sat in her mother’s lap. I thought she was kind of needy or co dependent. She did have struggles. But We all still never outgrow our need for a mother’s warmth love and affection. Her ear and undivided attention, and even or especially her kiss, boy or girl…3 mos, 3 yrs. 9 mos. or 9 years.  Twelve, tween or teen, college grad or new mom or dad, perfect angel or little rascal, princess or prima donna. We need a mother’s kiss, even if it cannot be from our mother.

I still walk by and kiss mine on the head as she sits over her computer and is off kissing other children and visiting a newborn. I’m not jealous, but we need to talk. Maybe, I’m not as cute and cuddly but I could use the peck on the cheek, the pat on the back. I did manage to get her alone once and just cry in her lap, it was a blessing. I had to let go of so many things dealing with my health, I never wanted to drag her down, but I so needed those prayers.

At any age and no matter how old we are, we are still God’s children as believers, He adopted us, so let’s act better and represent the one who made mothers so special. He gave them loving and healing, gentle kisses. And while we little caterpillars are busy becoming butterflies, something wonderful happens, we can fly. We have freedom and we have wings. And we will one day kiss the face of God.  Rebecca Jones


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