Mother Love


God gave us mother love.  He will never leave us nor forsake us even if our mother would, and He intended that they would not. Even His name El Shaddai gives us the picture of a nurturing mother, although God is Father, both male and female beings were created in His image.

He put his breath into them and they were living souls. It happens over and over again as children are born. His creation is ongoing. We are living souls, made up of a mind and will and emotions. Both sexes possess strength and wisdom and were meant to compliment one another, not compete with or combat each other.

We can lean into our mother’s love and we can lean into our Heavenly Father’s bosom and there is room for many children to take refuge and rest there. We are safe, secure and embraced eternally by one who never fails to love. He is never not awake to hear our cries. We never need to worry about bothering Him in the early hours of morning.

Our own mother’s may have sat up with us, done 3 a.m. feedings and changed diapers, cloth diapers. They may have grown weary, had bloodshot eyes and had to work anyway or take care of other children and cook and clean. But God doesn’t have too much to do to take care of us, an all seeing, hearing, knowing Father is at rest after creating the world,  Jesus is after the crucifixion, He wants to give us rest.

Having a baby does not make a mother. But loving a baby does. And if you love a child, you can’t imagine giving them up to torture to save the world, so imagine God’s love to give His only son for us, His heart was broken, but He gained many sons and daughters.

Some children, are harder to love, as bad as that may sound because of their behavior. But God knows how to deal with them when we may not. Ask the Lord to give His Holy Spirit to teach you children. Neglected, abused and foster children can be difficult to get through to. I always encourage people to foster of adopt if they can, there is a terrible need.

In this month of May celebrating mothers, let give thanks to the holy one for mother love,  I pray to have that strength, that wisdom and the rest and peace that come only through His grace alone.

God’s bosom is large enough to rest on, to rely on, to depend on. He is mother love personified in a Heavenly Father. No matter the false deities we see, He’s the real Father and we can desire the sincere milk of His Word and also the meat, and also we need no man to teach us if we let the Holy Spirit do the teaching. He is the Spirit of Truth and will guide  us into all things. Rebecca Jones


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