Many Sparrows / Remembering Billy Graham


Jesus said we were worth many sparrows. They don’t toil or store but their Heavenly Father feeds them. And not one of them falls without Him knowing. It was never His will for death to enter the world, but since it did He knows each one.

Why should a God so great be bothered by the fall of a tiny bird? Why would He even notice? Have you ever heard people utter cruel words, insensitive words like it’s just a dog? Or you can have another baby.

God doesn’t think or act like that, even the worst of us can call on Him and be saved. Maybe, you were once just a sinner, just a label someone attributed to you like a tag in clothing. Maybe, you never got past that. You can. He will help you.

If He cares so much about a little bird. He cares more for you as a soul created in His image, gifted with abilities to overcome through Him and the power of His name. You are worth many sparrows.

If a Father so rich in mercy, love and grace, will reach out to gather up a sparrow and place it in heavenly nest with lots of flowers and butterflies, in a forever lovely and flourishing garden, with streams and plenty of seeds to eat, won’t He reach for you?

He watches over them and He watches over us. His eye is on the sparrow.  I know His eye is on me. And I love to watch the little creatures, so fragile like many of His smaller ones, I love to watch them look for food.

I often stand in the parking lot and and watch them with a french fry. I have even given them cracker crumbs from the car. I watched one little bird proudly sitting in his nest atop the grocery store. He picked out an ” O ” to live in. Watching as people came in and out there was bound to be a loose grape or a child dropping a banana peel. Maybe, someone had rented a movie and bought popcorn.

And there was a nice salad bar should someone have had to eat on the run and been messy. Sandwich shops down the way, a yogurt shop and fast food places all nearby, not to mention the grocery stores bakery. He hope someone would come out eating a muffin, roll or croissant, and maybe even spill a little juice. This sparrow had it made.

I’m sure people would think I was crazy to stand by the car and watch, three or four rolling in the dirt to bathe, and on the days there was a puddle happily playing and jumping. And plenty to drink. No cares, no worries, God was watching and like happy little children saying, Father, look at me. And you know, He does. He watches them and watches me watching them. Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy the fabulous Ethyl Waters. From her appearance at Billy Graham Crusade. As he has passed into glory, there is no mourning and no tears from me. I have memories of watching him as a child, perhaps not so much as an adult but he certainly impacted my life, just as many other sparrows. His book about angels was given to me by a sweet old lady named Nannie when I was 17 and it piqued my curiosity about them and how they interact with us in daily life. Many times that has been protection, comfort and rejoicing. I am sure angels are singing and Ethyl can sing this again and the Lord is saying ” Well done, good and faithful servant. ” While I have studied healing and have heard that Billy Graham had said that that was Oral Roberts calling and I’m paraphrasing, I am reminded that we all have different gifts, the same Spirit and one Lord. How wonderful if we could work past denominational differences and become soul winners, healers through Him that loved us. I am also reminded of George Beverly Shea’s rendition of  This Is My Story, and It Is No Secret and many more. May the Lord touch us all with His love and use us for His glory as He did Billy Graham.


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