Consider The Lilies


When Jesus gave us the story about how Solomon was not even arrayed in the glory of a lily, it is an interesting thought. Can you imagine the very King himself robed in royalty, gold and all his finery, not even as glorious as a lily?

I have a peace lily. I always enjoyed it in bloom, even though it was given to me from a funeral. I also read that they are good to keep in a bedroom. they purify the air somehow. So I suppose lilies are at peace with God and the just are.

We are always running around and striving when Jesus wants us just to be, to become conformed to His image. He depended on God on earth and wants us to. He wants us to rest, to relax, to sway in the breeze of the Holy Spirit. To be at peace like the lily. And not to be in need of them being sent to our funerals.

He wants us to have life and life more abundantly. The lilies depend on the the Lord, His rains to water them, His sun to warm them. To shine upon them and make them tall and straight.

There stems are the strong backs of dancer and their leaves the graceful arms of a ballerina. Their little white faces look to heaven and smile praise to their God. They wave and are at peace with heaven, fully enjoying His love and protection and living their life to the fullest.

Their joy is evident. Their peace is pure. Solomon worked for his wealth even though a King, he was in strife with many strange women, he betrayed the wisdom, that he had asked God for. He was disobedient to God.

How often are we in disobedience when we are worried and it does not help us in any way? Jesus says it will not makes us taller. It will not add to our lives but take away from them. It will not do any good to get up early or stay up late. We are the beloved. God is our provider and one who is just and reliable, faithful.

We should consider the lilies and believe Jesus, and not worry, but let Him give us rest. Rebecca Jones




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