Think On These

What should we be thinking about? Problems, worries? Let’s look at Phillipians 4: 8, what we should think about. We are to think things that are true, as opposed to lies. This may take some soul searching, and some study. We need to be aware of the enemy’s lies or we might fall for it. Noble or honorable, something that builds good character, admitting mistakes, making restitution if you’ve been over paid for example, the respect for others.

Suppose you are house sitting, you don’t throw a party and clean up. You don’t throw a party. Don’t water the plants on the last day. You dent a fender, leave a note. Right, there is a right way to think and a wrong one, one build you up, one will cause you to wallow in self pity. It is wrong to worry and  right to know who we are in Christ, and in no way wrong to speak good and positive words, blessings over ourselves and families. Not postiive thinking alone, but faith, hope and love. Pure, God’s words are pure, tried in the fire seven times. You can’t get better than that. Lovely, roses, butterflies, sunsets, rainbows.

Long eyelashes, falling stars, hummingbirds and cardinals, spring, I could go on. Admirable, there are many people we can find in the Bible with admirable qualities. War heroes, historical figures, church leaders, even a good friend.  Excellent, oh, Lord, His name is excellent, what a good place to start.

Excellence may not be perfectionism. Although excellence will put a gread deal of ourselves or our souls into our passions. Writing, for example. We may be excellent or exceptional writers, but there will typos even with spellchecker. Excelllents wants someone to benefit from the effort, not just praise for it, it is not self serving but seeks to truly benefit others.

Praiseworthy, not just music. If you bawl out your son for striking out and praise him for home runs. Be sure you are praising the effort of a B+, and show up for violin recitals. Children need the occasionasl reminders, not necessarily the baseball analogy but if you disciple or scold, be sure to praise as well.

Be sure to praise Jesus, for no reason, the same with family. Do it because you love Him and them. So let’s not worry, dwell on lies of the enemy or others, think better of ourselves but not get into pride. remember God’s word. And to be noble and praiseworthy. And never to forget the beauty of spring and the love of those around us. We can find at least one thing new to learn every day, to be thankful for or one kind word for another. And let’s not forget to strive for excellence in all we do. Rebecca Jones


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