Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Crown!

Every girl wants to think she is beautiful or special or smart, at least one of them if not all. I think most women are happy if they are gifted in one way, but the truth is we can have many gifts, talents or crowns.  I recently told a beautiful girl that she had gifts, she didn’t even know. Having known her a long time, I believe it’s because she only knew about Jesus and did not know Him, to use Bible phraseology, “fully persuaded. ”  Most of us think about ourselves and find something we don’t like. We might appear to have it all together, but we are a mess. The catch phrase ” hot mess ” is popular, but it sounds like a plate of army food to me. I don’t like hot or hunky, I like beautiful or handsome. And I believe true beauty comes from inside and is not just an outward appearance.

There are many good looking people, who could be anything from liar to cheat to serial killer. Narcissistic and controlling or even possessive. God looks at the heart, that’s a good idea for people too. And their words will betray them sooner or later. They might walk the walk or talk the talk, but eventually their true colors show. If you catch them in a lie, it’s probably a habit to them and they don’t see anything as wrong, they may even blame you.

But about the crowns or rewards, we as believers are able to earn, let’s not slack off and throw away God’s gifts, not for any reason or anyone. Our relationship with Christ comes first. Especially, in marriage or it will not last, even if you stay married you drift apart. I once had someone nice looking, with beautful, steely, blue eyes compliment me quite a lot. I walked into his office one day and he burst into song, “There she is, Miss America. ” Why? I don’t know, nothing ever became of our acquaintance.

I have to admit. It was a good feeling. We spoke a few times and he moved on. I think God actually moved him on. I prayed for him. I wanted the best for him. I even prayed the right girl for him. And though it would be years before I understood it all. I knew God had a plan. I wasn’t Miss America, but it was nice to feel like it for a while or to think someone thought enough of me to pay me that compliment. I don’t feel it was insincere. There was no deception about it, but would the devil have liked for me to make a wrong decision and give up on what God had for me? Sure, he would.

I have to admit being hurt by the idea, that I might have missed out on something. I felt a little foolish, too.  But God sent me in another dircection. One that was far greater, and even more than I could have dreamed of. I missed out quite a few things because I was not as discerning in faith. The Lord has blessed me with many gifts and crowns. I write to please the Lord and not people, if anything I say seems harsh, it is not meant to be. And certainly, not unkind.

But Jesus did not mince words either. He was often criticized and condemned. And all He did was good. So be careful as you follow Christ, don’t be easily deceived and don’t let anyone take your crown that you will be able to toss at Jesus’ feet someday.  That is something I can’t wait to do.

And one good thing is that in the beauty of Jesus, we can all be Miss America.

I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. Revelation 3:11

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