Precious Lord

Precious Lord, take my hand. This is such  beautiful song. We all need Him to take our hands and walk us through the valleys of our lives back over the mountains that we speak faith to but it is He who moves them. He must take our hands like a child and sometime we know they will run or lean or even drag a parent along. and sometimes they will run ahead and have to be chased down.

It’s good to know He will chase us down to catch us with blessings. In the meantime while we’re running ahead or on on, we can get ourselves into trouble. But He is always there when we call. The loving Father who will pick us off, dust us off and wipe our cheeks. He is ever kind and merciful, a Father slow to anger. He punished His own Son, Jesus, in our stead, so that we could have heaven.

He will take our hand and walk us into green pastures of rest in Him. This is a season of rest. We have walked through the valleys of the shadow of death, we were afraid of evil but stood fast in faith, and obeyed His voice to fear not. We are His pearls of great price and He has covered us completely, just as the oyster gives its life to make a pearl by suffocation, so did He on the cross.

We can lean on Him, adore Him, worship Him in a quiet stillness that the Holy Spirit will guide you into and comfort you in. The song says I am tired, I am weak and I am worn. Yet, He is our strength and through storms, literal or figuratively. He is there to calm us with His word, His peace.

It further says through the night, lead me on to the light. In Him there is no darkness at all, even though the Bible declares He lives in darkness, the far reaches of space, heaven to the north. He who hung the stars, can surely reach for me. He is mighty to save from any predicament, heal any disease, reverse any injustice.

I am your child, Lord. I called on you early in my life. If I ever let go of your hand it was never to run ahead of you but to do your will and please you. I did not know how much you loved me already and that you delighted in me so. I pleased you already. So today or anyday, whether I am joyful and brave or meek and lowly, if I’m out of control, I remember self control, and who is in control..

Even if I’m in panic or manic mode or just exhausted, take my hand precious, Lord. Lead me on. Rebecca Jones

This hymn was written in 1932 in Chicago by Thomas Dorsey, a man who wife died in childbirth, then the baby. Hopefully, Mr. Dorsey has been reunited with his family and will enjoy many performances of his song.  They are a little depressing but also joyful. But let’s expect good things from God.


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