Let It Go!


Is something weighing you down? Are you carrying a heavy burden? A heavy heart? Does your back ache? Your feet hurt?  Your mind reel? I used to watch so many sermons mine was reeling. I used to say it was in a blender. Mine has several settings, including chop and crush.

Most answers are simple though if we will learn to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, He has them all. I didn’t need prophecy, I needed healing and I needed love. I needed to depend on Jesus and rest at His feet instead of waiting on other people. I was serving instead of worshiping.

I was forever burdened by problems someone, else’s or my own. I used to say I was always putting out fires. And there would be times I was on fire for Jesus and I was making progress, but the enemy found a way to drag me back down. When I was exhausted, I was ill literally. If I was putting a dent into his darkness, those ridiculous retaliations were always cropping up, the bouts of bronchitis, being out of money, something breaking down.

Some people are carrying ” dead ” things. In ancient Rome killers were made to carry their victim until they too, died. These are the people who perfected crucifixion. And fed Christians to lions and coated them with pitch to burn as lanterns. Yeah! Not a pretty picture and neither was the Lord’s death. It was gruesome, hideous, but He is altogether lovely, gentle but powerful, sweetness itself, He is beautiful.

So why are we displeasing Him by carrying these things. Divorce – forgive – love as a believer – let it go! Lost relatives? Jesus knows. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach them. Rest in Him. Let it go! Grieving over someone or somehing you’ve lost? Grief was never meant to control you, if you have not overcome it, it is a spirit. Tell it to go in Jesus name. Let it go!

Have you lost a baby or had an abortion? Either way you weren’t to blame or can be forgivenAngels rock your baby, Jesus sings over them in a heavenly nursery. On the days it is a special occasion, ask Him to say hello for you. But let it go! Whatever wrong or crime you may have committed, His love is deeper, His forgiveness greater, because His sacrifice was so much more intense that we know.

Receive that love right now! Let it go! Whatever is weighing you down, holding you back, His grace is deeper. Do not disgrace His grace by not receiving it and walking in it. And  do not dare abuse it by continuing to sin and calling it grace.

He really wants to set us free. He was anointed to do just that, set the captives free. Don’t be someone who carries ” dead ” things. But He will breathe life back into dreams and even people, if you can not be afraid and believe. Remember, the madman ran among the tombs, tormented by demons. I like to think a small part of him had heard of Jesus and He heard a tortured soul cry out even across the sea, even a demonic wind would not stop Jesus. Nothing will.

I think a majority of people are oppressed. Not possessed. Some will do well on medications and that is good. But if you need help please contact medical professionals or reputable ministries. But don’t think you are powerless as a believer, call on Jesus, and roll that burden on to Him even as you seek help. Let me pray for you.

Father, in Jesus name you call the dead things to life, and I agree with you to restore lost hope, joy and peace. You even restored a lost coin. And many are in need. While many things have passed away and many loved ones,  I pray you restore good memories and erase dead ones, dead dreams, dead works, dead words, depression, guilt and shame and all lies of the evil one. I pray you call to life, health, wholeness and wisdom, and restore and replace dreams with your version of them. I call blessings. I speak life…and peace to the body of Christ. Lord they may not be able to but you are able, believers are washed pure in the water of your word and protected by the blood of your Son, maybe, they want to but can’t let go. In Jesus name and for His sake and glory, Father for them, ” Let it go. ” Rebecca Jones


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