Lavished With Love and Grace


See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. 1 John 3:1 NIV

No one human no matter their suffering could imagine the pain, the agony of the cross. As we have celebrated Passover, what we call Easter, that is really  Resurrection Sunday, let’s rethink the love of the Father to give up His Son, and the Son who came and willingly gave His life. Abraham was asked to offer Isaac, but did not have to. It was merely to show God’s plan, what Abraham and Isaac were willing to do for God, God did to Jesus and Himself.

I would definitly call that lavishing love on the undeserving world. And don’t forget the grace, it was undeserved, yet He was merciful and showed intense lovingkindness.  And even to people who rejected Him. I like the word lavish, it’s not something you hear very often, since I like word studies, let’s look at the definition, lavish appears in the New International version, lavish means, expended, bestowed, given in profuse amounts.

Further definitions include sumptiously rich, elaborate and luxurious, expensive and impressive.  Now how about that, God, owner of everything whose streets are gold, whose mansions are no doubt luxurious, gave His only Son in order to love us? His sacrifice is one that is costly, it cost Jesus, going from heaven to hell and back, He had to give up everything for us. Can you imagine living in perfect peace, coming to Jerusalem as a baby only to grow up and die, and that was impressive.

And I use that term not loosely but only to show the impact. He was beaten, scourged, publicly humiliated, punished beyond belief, bruised, bloodied and with His flesh torn from His back, crucified. He was mocked, it was like a spectator sport to some. Indeed, people can even eaten popcorn at the Passion of the Christ. And yet, He lavished His love on them.

Whether we recieve His love, His forgiveness and grace is up to us. He never forces anything on us. I had to laugh when I came across the word prodigal in the definitions. Of course we know about the parable of the Prodigal Son. And indeed, prodigal means excessive. The progal son asked  for his inheritence. He was wishing his father dead, beacuse you usually inherit that way. He only came home and wanted to be a servant after sqaundering everything and being hungry.

But the father met him, kissed him, gave him a robe, a ring, and sandals. He did not let him ask to be a servant. Likewise, God the Father, meets us, kisses us, peace…the robe is righteousness, and the riing is authority, and sandals are for walking with Him on a path of love, joy and peace. Jesus is the one who died for us, we have His inheritence. And He was the servant, He told the disciples so. Even though we serve Him, we are not slaves. And even the slave in the parable were better off than the son. Slaves were treated better, thay had food. And while slavery is unaccepable, then or now. There were some who were treated well by the masters, having favor with God , just like Joseph. Though it exists today, we are usually in other kinds of bondage.

And then there’s the brother, who was angry. But He had had the father/ Father all along. I’ve felt that way about others, maybe you have too. And I never realized it related to this story. The Lord greets us on the road to His house every morning and locks us in His embrace, we should be celebrating because His joy and love are contagious, and I long for His safety and peaceful presence, the comfort of a Father who loved me, something I really never knew and lavished His love on me as I ran myself ragged to serve Him, He loved me, He gave me grace,, I found it in His eyes, He lavished love on me. Rebecca Jones / Unsplash


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