But God…


These two little words resonate in me as I write this. I have had so many things that could have happened to me. But God…had other plans. I read in Acts 7:9, about Joseph’s plight but God was with him. Recently Dodie Osteen was on Sid Roth, she was told she had three weeks to live, but said God laughed. My mother was told she had stage breast cancer, but God. My aunt on life support in September, at the senior center in November but God. Other people with cancer, but God.

The devil is a liar people. Greater is He in us. John 4:4, there’s no way he will win if we join in prayer and praise and will not give up on the promises God made us and the covenant He cut into the flesh of His only beloved Son. My mother drove us through pounding hail and the edge of a tornado, I prayed all the way. I wanted to stop but she said ” No “, the church and nearby awning looked good to me. Later, we found out that many awnings and large pole barns were blown to another county, but God.

I was at the dentist when a tornado raced down my street, and at home when a tornado destroyed my dentist’s office. Near miss car collisions, but God. A fire near my house, but God. All sorts of unknown evils that lurked and I didn’t even know, but God. So it is interesting to look back on things and see His hand and even more wonderful to know He has good plans, not to harm but for evil, I am convince there are so many …but Gods, waiting for us. I hope to see His glory.

The babies that shouldn’t be born, but God. The people that should have died, but God. The jobs that should have been lost but God. I know the love of a Father now, a genuine loving one. He has blessed me so much. When the enemy closes in on me, like a flood the Spirit is there. I am grateful, forever grateful, for His mercy and grace.

We always hear things like, ” But for the grace of God. ” We could all be in someone else’s shoes.  We could have some disease or accident, we could have all had something or other…but God, in His glory and infinite wisdom intervened through prayer, ours or someone else’s. He is a good God and would not want anything to happen to anyone but we must pray and take authority in His name.

He knows and searches and gifts us God’s desires as our own if we continue to follow Him and remain is His love.His Holy Spirit, is a precious and wonderful gift…but God knew that. Rebecca Jones

But God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 1 Corinthians 2:10


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