Because He Lives

I wanted to write a special Easter or Resurrection Day post.  What could I possibly say that I haven’t said already, or what words express His sacrifice that have not appeared in the lovely blogs I read last week. Ladies pouring out their personal stories and their hearts, their tears and memories and prayers?

What could I write that has not been preached from the pulpits of the years gone by or sung from sacred hymnals? What am I to pen that does justice to a risen Lord? And that is what struck me on Good Friday. As I posted pictures and pinned to Pinterest, all the cute spring flowers, lambs, and Jesus with children, it hit me. He is risen! He really is, I know it’s something that we all know. But do we really know it? Or do we just repeat it.

On a previous blog post called Carrying A Wounded Christ, I recounted how I had to throw away a lawn sculpture of Jesus, that hat been hit by the weedeater. Not by me, I would have moved it. And when my mother moved it to the garage, where I wanted to try and fix Him, she opened the laundry room door and knocked Him over taking off an arm and shoulder. I was literally distraught. For weeks now, I had not been able to throw Him away, but one day, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to. I am not Catholic, this is not something I idolized, not that they do, but a remembrance of the one I adore. I even kissed Him on the head and let go.

I could not fix Him but He was fixing me. All the while I carried His tenderness and compassion, and relating to His suffering, I was carrying a wounded Christ, yet He was carrying me. He saw me force myself watch the movies where He was crucified and then not be able to. He saw tears over certain prayers and songs. He saw me study day after day and search for His healing presence. He saw me on my knees, and at the times I could not get on them.

He looked past my height, weight, infirmity, fears and foibles, my desire to quit, give up or give in when there was too much heaviness on my heart and not enough glory and grace. He saw my heart, the sincere desire of it to love and be loved and that is all He expects from us. There are many people who do not have a heart for Jesus, and many more like me who do know Him as Lord and Saviour, it is because He lives I can face tomorrow, all fear is gone as the song says. He is risen, He is our High Priest, He hears every word and I mean every one.

Though I would see me guilty, He sees me innocent by His blood and my prayers. He came to save, He brought grace and truth. He is sweetness itself, He is love eternal reaching to me. He chose me, accepted me, loved me. I was accepted into the beloved. He made me righteous as He became accursed. He alone is worthy, yet made me worthy.

So, if we keep Him on a cross, or even walking out of a tomb, we may be doing ourselves a disservice. He arose, is in heaven at the Father’s right hand, at rest, finished and waiting for us to receive what He accomplished for us. We are supposed to have been crucified with Him, a new creation, He began a good work and will finish His masterpiece. We are peculiar, called out, chosen. we are deeply blessed, highly favored and incredibly loved by a gentle and powerful Lord.

So take away the crosses, lilies and even palm leaves. Take away the new clothes and dinners and get togethers. Even all the Sunrise Services, and you still have the Son that rose, is at rest, who expects us to be, enjoying abundant and wonderful life in Him. You can take away everything, even my garden statue, but you can’t take Jesus. He was victorious before and because of Him and only because of Him will I be every day. When the world says give in, give up, and the devil would run you ragged and your body agonizes with pain, and your mind races at night and your heart pounds, just rest…He is risen, alive forevermore, and He is right there for us, because He lives I do, you do.

And my prayer for us today is that any miserable, wretched, tormenting and vile or vexing thing that is oppressing us, will roll right off us, off our minds and hearts, just like the stone rolled away from the tomb, in Jesus mighty name. It will because He wills it. Because He lives and loves. Have a blessed, holy day. Rebecca Jones


2 thoughts on “Because He Lives”

  1. This is so beautifully written. I totally agree with your thoughts. I lost my husband 10 months ago and my assurance that Jesus is alive and greeted him when he arrived is what keeps me at peace. I just returned from Israel a couple weeks ago and it has made Christ’s life come alive for me. Yes, Jesus is risen. I saw the tomb and He was not there. Alleluia.


    1. What wonderful memory to hold of your husband, forever safe, forever loved, forever young, And a Holy Land trip, I have never been but what an experience, walking where He did. Thank you for visiting me, Sherri.


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