Don’t Just Stand There, Pray Something!


Do you ever feel like that? I have. I have even asked children to pray, just because they seemed to have the child like faith that would quell the chaos. It didn’t, the enemy used my lack of knowledge of knowing I possessed that child like faith myself and He’d already heard me. The chaos and confusion always came from the enemy.

God is the author of peace. But what to we do when we don’t know what to pray? The answer is simple as most answers are, the Holy Spirit prays for us. He helps us to pray when we don’t know how. Even moanings and groanings. Jesus groaned in a loud voice before raising Lazarus. Is this a kind of unknown tongue? In a way, and even deeper than an unknown language, the Spirit will give you the gift if you ask, though I believe some people have different experiences. It took me some time, my mother received instantly.

Of course, I had been afraid of it as a child, and of Kathryn Kuhlman. That may account for that, now I wish I had known better and saved myself a lot of trouble. I was afraid of that power, but He is never there to hurt you but to protect you, and it does take that power to back off the devil.

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, and is your teacher. He will show you things to come, but it is not mind reading or fortune telling, totally the opposite. It is prophetic and He helps you to prophesy good things over yourself and your family. He will also warn you, and quiet you with His love.

Some sermons and prayers are right out of a book. They seem rehearsed, and even children need to be taught to pray. Even things like the Lord’s Prayer can become ritual or trite not given due respect. And you can disqualify yourself if you are not truly in Christ, so that you will not receive from God.

Always study God’s Word and trust a reputable minister or Christian, above that, trust the Lord and He will help you to pray even if you can’t find the right words. And when things go wrong, you will know how to cast your care on Him, how to not be anxious but to pray, you can even ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to help you pray, just be still and let Him be God. You and I are lousy at it, anyway.

So don’t give up, don’t just stand there, pray something! Rebecca  Jones / photographer Olivia Snow / Freely Thank you.

Do pray the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, amd 91. Isaiah 53:5, or whatever applies to you.


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