The Blood of Jesus


Surely to speak the name of Jesus is holy thing in itself. And to speak of the power in His blood even more sacred. Have we lost a measure of respect in the last days? His grace is fabulous and most welcomed by this believer, who doesn’t deserve but needs His tender mercies new ever morning. What about those unlearned or less skilled in His Word? Grace is there for them, but let’s speak of the power in His blood with the honor bestowed on a King.

Have you ever smelled blood, lots of it? People working in hospitals would know. And it is safe to say that Jesus was practically, butchered for us. My mother once tried to assist our vet who had no one to help with a surgery, big mistake.

When she needed a hysterectomy, I literally mopped her blood from the bathroom before she could get to the hopital. I too, suffered that kind of hemmoraging, I can relate to the woman with the issue of blood. I could stand up and it would be running into my shoes.

Mother also had a nosebleed, it was pouring. I drove her to the hospital and stayed a couple of hours until it stopped. As soon as I pulled into the driveway it started again, back we went. This time, they packed it tightly and she slept on the couch with a tube and contraption on her face. Our personal experiences aside including cuts and stitches, the blood of Jesus has protected us as I look back from many things, tornadoes, a gas heater, a crazy neighbor, and a fire. All of these things were near misses, why?  There is power in the blood.

So why the things that got through? Our lack of knowledge. Just being tired and overworked and not know of the rest of faith. A slacking off of our profession of faith, and purely spiritual warfare. Mother was reading a book about the blood by Benny Hinn.

Even with all the blood from sacrifices, the stench was not there. The incense and maybe just the gace and presence of God accepted offering with a sweet smell. We are to carry the fragrance of Christ as believers, we are also to be a living sacrifice and be offered to God as reasonable service.

The Hebrew word “dahm “, means blood. Adam, being made from dust became a living soul as God breathed on Him. Perhaps, the breath of God gave Him blood, and life was in his blood.

When Cain killed Abel, His blood called from the ground. Perhaps, not literally, but in the spirit, God heard the lie and there was the decision He made to deal with Cain. By the way, I read in one account, a commentary or something that Abel was nearly if not toatally decapitated.

When Jesus blood was shed, we are told that His blood also spoke. This was the offering to end offerings, His blood did not demand punishment but offered cleansing and forgiveness. He became the Hight Priest, instead of offerings to Him, He was offering eternal life to us. And all He as us to sacrifice was praise.

There are certainly promises that carry conditions. We need to know we are the rightousness of God, to halt fear, terror and torment. We must believe and receive, and remain in His love. We must discern.

But the blood of Jesus is powerful and I plead it over us today in His name above names, the devil can’t get past it. I plead it deeply over our minds, wills and emotions and that is the make up of our souls.  I plead it deeply into our thoughts, that we may be able to remember what we should and forget what we ought to. I plead it over bodies, hearts and organs and limbs, I plead it over marriages and families and children.

There is wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb, and His sacrifice was genuine, not a story or a legend or myth. A real King who left heaven to save us, by dying and unimaginable way. Please watch the video today and let Jesus be Lord. Rebecca Jones


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