Sowing In Tears


I read lots of stories, write lots of stories, I always have. I always will. I read a story once about a woman who knitted afghans or shawls or something. anyway at the end of her life when she could no longer make these gifts, what did people bring the aging lady. You guessed it.

I was taught that if you sow love, you reap love, money the same, if you give others your time, people will give you time. I always heard the ministry three point sermons about sowing and reaping and how if you plant watermelons you get watermelons, tomatoes, tomatoes and potatoes and so on, you get the picture.

I just was sort of awe struck by this notion, when I’m in distress, crying my eyes out over something, I’m sowing in tears and I will reap joy. Of course, this is Old Testament and Bathsheeba’s baby has died. So, this is a sad situation.

I looked at it further, Jesus stole away from the crowds to His lonely place and He wept over Jerusalem. He must have wept many times in the Garden of Gethsemane, long before they came with torches to arrest Him and crucify Him. He must have cried in prayer many times. He weeps before raising Lazarus.

But why do tears bring joy, sorrow and sadness come with a bright new light of day and joy in the morning? Because Jesus gave His live, through His bloody and sweaty tears of grief and agony, there was the overwhelming though of redeeming so many lives from hell. In this He could rejoice even in the brutality of His being beaten, scourged, scorned.

I’ll never know He kept His mouth shut, but He did. When screams could have poured from His body, He fought tormenting demons and no doubt envisioned the faces of those who would be saved by grace.

With thorns digging into His head and His hair soaked in blood, His mind was blinded byt the terror of death but he still managed to see believers, coming to altar the world over, filling churches and stadiums and praising His name.

I know He must have seen me, struggling away trying to be who He watned me to be when I already was by His grace. I know some He must have surely seen, even though only a few, I can say for sure. I know their testimony. I know He saw many more, many yet to come.

The deaf that would hear, the blind that would see. The lame that would walk and the limbs that would be returned. The cancers that would die under His name and the burns and scars that would be fresh as infant skin. He saw more than we could imagine.

We were on His mind. And they will weep for the one that they have pierced. So if you are broken hearted know He is close, acquainted with tears and sadness, like little seeds they fall into the ground and spring up as beauty.

Jesus own bloody sweat dropped with agonizing tears and fell to the ground breaking the curse of Adam’s toil, giving men the wisdom to create and become doctors and scientists, and astronauts. He gave them ideas of things to invent, lights, telephones and technology.

There are many who don’t believe and may never give thanks and feel like it is their own accomplishment, well, they don’t need a savior do they? Yes, they do and don’t know it. It is all about Him, no one else could have done this. No one!

So, if you must sow in tears, believe the promise that you will reap in joy. In His presence is the fullness of joy and at His right hand pleasures forevermore and no one can imaging what He can do far above what we can ask, think and even imagine.

When my mother sees my tears now, I hope she understands and will just leave me alone. I once tried so hard to be a woman of faith, so strong a one that I did not cry for years. It almost killed me. I was not sowing in tears and I did not reap joy. I once heard a a man say not to let the devil see you cry. I really don’t care, I could say I hope it scares the hell out of him, but really I just hope it scares him there forever. Rebecca Jones / pxhere


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