Wing and a Prayer


I guess it must be an old flying expression, like…” I’m coming in on a wing and a prayer. I’m sure many aviators have felt that. I don’t know a thing about airplanes of flying. I really don’t drive a lot because I’m usually going with someone else who does. So, I am no expert, but I know it’s possible to lose your bearings, get off course, be in a tails spin, nose dive, fly upside down or even land on water or crash and burn.

It is also possible to be guided through storms, talked down, refuel in midair, take an alternate runway or come in on the wing and a prayer. I see a few of these kins of stories on historic events. Many pilots have done the impossible and saved countless lives.  God is a better aviator than we are. A Lord that can number the stars, surely can calculate wind speed, wind sheer, velocity, lift and aerodynamics, whatever plane analogy you could think of. Me, I’m getting better at banking but calculations aren’t my strong suite. I’m better with words.

Surely, a God who created flight beginning with angels, going to sparrows, and mighty eagles, and even delicate butterflies can put anyone on the the right path. He can make the crooked places straight. He can make us sail, soar or glide. We are safe under those mighty feathers. He may push us out of the nest but do you think He’d let you fall if you call on Him?

He’s given His angels commands to guard us as well. So whatever storm has blown into our midst, He can calm it with His word, even His mere presence makes the demons shudder. If Jesus is Lord and He is, then all things are under His feet. The earth is His footstool. He knows what’s going on from His throne and He is able to effect change.

Just call out to Him in any situation and wait to hear His voice by being still, don’t start to panic and try to fix things yourself, don’t run yourself raged when He’s have you rest, that’s the way to crash and burn, but with God all things are possible. Jesus made it so. If God is your co-pilot, move over. Let Him take over and bring you in on a wing and a prayer. Rebecca Jones angel / piabay

Please enjoy Michael Crawford, May He raise us up on Eagle’s Wings.



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