Say A Little Prayer For Me


Say a little prayer for me, it reminds me of the Dion Warwick song. I have even had people ask that of me. And I thought, well, I had to pray effectual fervent prayer, so I did. I prayed a lot of intercession, in the Spirit. I prayed for people who asked and those that didn’t. I prayed without ceasing.

Lots of things were answered, but the things that weren’t, I didn’t always understand. I know now that we have to receive from Jesus, to let Him give us love, grace, peace. Some still see themselves as unvorthy. Jesus doesn’t, not the Father, if we are believers, and the Holy Spirit, has legions of angels to bring intervention and answers.

God doesn’t answer some prayers right away, sometimes He has better. Why would He say no to healing us? Saving loved one? Getting us a good job? He wouldn’t, sometimes, we just don’ t receive. And we can let the enemy in to steal, kill or destroy in a number of ways. It’s important to stay in faith, and be on the look out for enemy retaliation. If you are a prayer warrior, you will understand.

It is important to pray, Mark 11:23 says believe you recieve when you pray, and you will have it. That verse is a bone of contention among believers, non charismatic, but God is not about pat answers, He is about love. He is love.

Imagine make offering of lambs of doves, Well His blood is more than that covering us. He offers up our prayers in a golden laver in the Holy of Holies, a sweet aroma to the Father. The High Priest had to have spotless sacrifices, Jesus was ours, we could never be, He knows just the right words, so believe He loves us that much. Who else is there that died? No one, not other god. He alone is worthy.

So if you pray a lot, or say a little prayer, make sure it lines with the Word. Pray God’s word over every situation, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray. So go ahead, say a little prayer for yourself or someone you love today, and remember me, I need Him to be my strength and shield. And even if your still not sure what to pray, His name alone, Jesus, Jesus, what a little prayer with a lot of power.  Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy Dion Warwick.


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