Put In A Good Word For Me


I was watching an old show the other day, I like old shows, heroes and villains are clearly defined. There is a moral code, a sense of rigtand wrong. A singer got mixed up with a gang of con men, she had to pose as a nun, so they could rob a train. When she get’s caught, she is quick to say, ” Put in a good word for me. ”

Isn’t that way it is? Lots of people are repentant or ask leniencey when they are caught. Isn’t it better to just be good? I always thought so, but I never knew the depth of the love of Jesus like I do now. He has wisdom and discernment, He is never fooled, likewise the Holy Spirit is not and we must rely on Him completely when praying for and dealing with others. I always thought doing good would get me good, sometimes, all I think it got me was hurt.

And even more so, when I really dove into prayer, the enemy found ways to retaliate when I was denting his domain. I didn’t know as much then, now I ‘ll have to wise. My words still get me into trouble even if they are the truth. And Christians are the worst sometimes, they just refuse to hear.

But I’ll tell you, Jesus is the High Priest and He hears our prayers, I recently heard how He sends them along as offerings, they go up as a sweet smelling incense before God, Jesus was our sacrifice. If you can picture the offer of lambs, doves. How much more was the Lord the slain and how much more is His blood covering  us? How much more is His wounds for our healing.

As we approach Good Friday and Resurrection Day. As we bless the Lord, waking to a Sunday morning light that shone like the one so long ago as Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, and found the stone rolled away, let’s remember our prayers, our Lord. Our Passover Lamb, Jesus.

As we pray, let’s see Him in the Holy of Holies, let’s see our prayers on parchment burned in a laver, as the blood of Jesus covers us, and instead of offerings, He sends angels to work and the Holy Spirit like a dove, descends upon us, with the Father’s blessing. So let’s be sure Jesus as our High Priest, is putting a good word in for us.

He took all our sicknesses, diseases, infirmities, all the pain and suffering and torments, and sin. Unimaginable horror, the Lord knows what we go through as human beings, He was one. He is easily touched by our prayers, whether we are guilty, or pure as the driven snow, Jesus will put in a good word for us. It is His desire we are all pure in heart and see God. Rebecca Jones / free stock photo….


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