Grace For Every Need

Though I didn’t research the lyrics, I was remembering a line from the hymnal, Grace for Every Need.  ” There is joy divine that is ever mine, since the Lord has forgiven me. Now I work and sing for my blessed King, by His grace, I have been made free. ” it’s funny that years of singing contemporary, I am recollecting song I took for granted.

The words have impact, I was doing my best to work and sing, but joy eluded me at times. It was there, the Lord sows deeply into a heart of faith. It was there with the faith, the hope and love. And this is an example of getting older and your youth being renewed, the Holy Spirit, bringing things to your rememberance.  And when you have to speak, He will give you the words, even some last minute ones, He’s so good.

I can remember songs I sang as a child. They touched me deeply as well, if only I could have seen myself as a child of God then like I do now, a daighter of the King, one who is not a beggar, but can go boldly to the throne of grace for my every need and Jesus is my joy divine and He is always there though I didn’t even recognize that when my gaze fell on problems instead, I should not have looked at the storms or waves but the one in the boat with me.

I can recall singing Victory in Jesus, but not haviing victory in my life, at least not knowing that I did or how I did, but I do now. The enemies lies are deflected by strong shield of faith, soaked with the water of the Holy Spirit, to quench every fiery dart. He sought me and bought me and there is grace for every need.

He is my Savior forever. There are many song and many beautiful words. Listen closely to both music and words. There can be a great impact in both. The Lord sows into each of us, gifts. There are melodies and lyrics, there are songs and praises, worship, the Lord expects everything to praise Him, every thing with pnuema  or breathe.

Breathe, take deep breaths and inhale the fragrance of His love and the aroma of heavenly incense, the perfumed prayers and praises the resound to the Holy Spirit, to Jesus and the Father, resting in Him, the Master of truth and grace. He will fill our hearts and souls with joy divine. And He died to give us grace for every need. Rebecca Jones



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