Heart of Grace


One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend. Proverbs 22:11
Isn’t that great to have the King of Kings as a friend? But we must speak with grace, so let’s look at grace. In this verse it favor, (hen) as in ” found favor in the eyes of God. ” So grace also has to do with a pure heart, and Matthew 5:8 say the pure in heart shall see God. So it is God who looks at the heart. He knows the pure from the proud or profane, and He knows motives and intents of every heart, so we need to always do things for the right reasons.
Psalm 45:2 also says the lips can be anointed with favor. And isn’t that something we could use. But this favor is not something we earn, or work for, but rest for. It is a gift of God, soley His decision, He gives the gifts and what we receive as desires of our hearts are His desires for us,  It is His discretion, He resists the proud, but loves the humble. I felt as though I was really undeserving of some of the things I received lately in the face of a lot turmoil, and I felt Him speak to my soul. “I say what you deserve. ” It is true without mercy, which is also grace, we would deserve eternal separation from Him.
Though this is from Psalms, we know that grace was poured on Jesus words and He reigns forever. Let’s talk about grace translated as  ” chesed “, favor, mercy and loving kindness.  God is slow to anger and great in mercy. And His lovingkindness is new every morning. Grace, the ability from God to be forgiven and a clean slate, to start over without condemnation, the gift of God, He remembers sin, no more.
There was also a Ben Chesed, son of mercy who was one of Solomon’s commisaries. The Bible says that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Before we would have been under the law, and it was so hard to keep. Jesus paid a high price to redeem us even while we were sinners, He died for us. He saw someone  worth dying foreven if we are feeling unworthy and I know there are sincere believers that do, we are because of Him.
Grace is something we do not nor ever will deserve, it is a gift and we must receive it daily. While others may continue to condemn us our hearts should not they should be full of His grace and we should be quick to speak grace to others. It never does any good to hurt others or be offended, let’s seek wisdom and discernment in dealing with others and offer grace and know the right words to speak. Rebecca Jones / photo..Unsplash

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