Name Droppers


I had to think about this title, I thought I was imagining that I’d heard this expression or that I was making it up. What do name droppers do? When I started looking for an agent, wanting to be a writer, they’d say well, ” Who do you know? ” The trouble is, I didn’t know anybody, at least I didn’t think so.

So you get lot of rejections. But I did know someone, and I had dropped His name in prayer quite a lot, Jesus. He knew rejection. I had asked to be a writer. He answered, contrary to popular belief, His answers are yes and amen. We are not going ask anything out of His will, not if we are true believers and respect His sacrifice. He has a permissive and perfect will. He has to allow things if we do or do not follow His word. Praying in the Spirit is a perfect prayer.

His name is above all names, every sickness and disease and every demonic force. The devil knows that name and trembles, so why are we afraid of him? Or of not getting prayers answered? We have authority over the enemy. Jesus died for it.

There is no weapon that will prosper against me for I am the righteousness of God. Claim your promises, claim your healing, claim what He promised. Drop His name in prayer, drop it on the devil, drop it on every demon.  And do not fear for He is with you. And no, I don’t mean name it and claim it. I don’t like that, it works by love.

He expects us to use His name, not in vain, but with respect. And not in vain by seeing your prayers unanswered because they are. He loves you. He loves the beloved. He wants to bless you and give you peace.

So drop His name, use His name, the sweetest name I know. Name above all names, glorious Lord. He is Wonderful, Counselor and Mighty God. That name is above all names in heaven and earth, and He will never leave you. Ever!

Wage war on your knees in prayer, that name will protect you with His blood. The enemy will move in but like a flood the Holy Spirit is there. Speak that name, respect that name and love that name. There is a person behind the name and He loves you. Deeply and dearly.

Drop His name as often as you like in prayer or praise. Drop it to friends and family as a testimony of His grace and love toward you. Drop it when asked to pray for someone, pray for people you don’t even know. Drop it into conversations. Just know how powerful and full of grace and truth that name is. Rebecca Jones


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