Faded Memories


Have you ever worked on genealogy or family history? Did you ever find any surprises? I have. I know a lot of family history and a lot of stories. My advice would be to write down the information, and even the memories of older relatives. But don’t be surprised if you run across the occasional, black sheep, or skeleton in the closet and don’t be surprised if the records and accounts don’t always match up with what you were told.

Some of the memories have faded, whether people remembered wrong, more of a way they perceived it , wished it was, or simply the passing of time. What we’ve been told, and what we discover, sometimes don’t always mesh. Some of it will be important, some of it comical. I had a silly family incident about a radio show.

Whether family members meant to be hurtful or were merely insensitive, becomes a moot point in the love of Jesus. The past is gone, it can not be recovered or relived, the Bible warns about the good old days, we are to look forward to our new, abundant life in Christ. We are a new creation, and that new life is hidden in Him. That should be our focus.

Memories are great. I like scrapbooking and photographs, I love stories and I even wrote some of the more interesting ones into fictional short stories and scenes that could be a novel. That’s always goes on the table. I never quite get that novel finished. We all need to know and appreciate our family history, but let the divides or rifts go.

You can’t go back unsay hurtful things, you can’t go back and see that your parents aren’t divorced. You can’t let accounts of situations passed down determine how you look at others. Forgiveness is the key. Jesus does not want us to remain in offense or unforgiveness. It is a root of bitterness and anger, like a cancer, it can eat away at you, gnawing into your soul.

People never realize how much they hurt each other, just like they don’t realize how much Jesus loves them. Look what He has to forgive. Look at who He loves, me and you. He keeps records, tears, the sins, He remembers no more. Oh, He could but He chooses not to. I recntly commented to someone what a long list I could have. Like Jesus, I can remember, but I choose to forget, not remember, rehearse or rehash.

The past is dead with loved ones. As believers, heaven is far greater than an earthly joys. And we never want to let grief, sorrow or what if’s or anger and bitterness ruin our abundant life in Him. Keep the good memories, and know God is keeping up with you, you are His pride and joy and He has hallways full of family photographs, and albums. And the is rest, and peace for the body of Christ, something He desires to give us now.

Never really fully, or soley on what you are told by anyone, family or friends, even me and my advice. Seek the Lord even about godly wisdom and teaching and He will show you, for He alone is truth. He seperates fact from fiction, fear from faith, feelings from feuding and He is the healer. His back took wounds for healing and His head the crown of thorns, so why torment ourselves with spectres and suppositions. Look to the present and practice His love. Rebecca Jones


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