Thoughts of Spring


it’s March, the day of spring, but was  cold here in Georgia after a strange winter.  Now it is warm again. I was wearing shorts in December and January. That is unusual. They  are usually laid aside until late April or May, sometime in November. I’m in my jean shorts again. We had had some interesting weather, Warm days, a hail storm, cold winds, drizzles. A veritable mix of moisture.

But it is almost spring, time for things to be renewed. It is a time of resurrection and restoration. Seeds and bulbs break ground and spring into new life. Sown much earlier, or annuals that come back, they have laid in the ground, hibernating in the cold, at rest, at peace with God’s plan for them. They slumber, stir, and wake to the sunlight sitrs with warmth and energy. A new life that praises Him in beauty, the flowers wave and worship the Creator and are filled with hope that the spring and summer rains will nourish their roots and they will bloom into the fall.

So should we be, there is Purin, we have already entered, celebrated by Messianic Jews, and even some Christians, a reminder of Esther’s courage to stand and face the King with her request. For such a time as this, she was there, we are here. The flowers come, the spring. He makes it beautiful in His time. Then there is Resurrection Day and Pentecost.

Seasons come and go, People come and go. Doors open and others close and life changes as each year passes. Our lives are filled with wonder, so much we see and so much we miss just by being wrapped in the cares of the world. But all the while He is creating, oh, He finished it in the beginning. His Word, His spoken word carries on the creative throws of the world. the stars kept going, the galaxies and universe.

Babies keep being born, the earth keeps on spinning. Thee is newness of life in spring. We start to plan vacations, have picnics, proms. There are cookouts and children gather in neigborhood parks. The spring looks ahead to summer and summer to fall and fall to winter, the days and cycles of the season He set long ago.

He also set a bow in the clouds after the flood, though there is no pot of gold, there are streets of them. And the rainbows are there after the storms, a symbol of of His peace, I once had a double one appear over my house after a very bad storm. It’s His way of reminging us it’s alright. I’m here. I rose from the dead and I am able to protect you.

So as spring comes, either early or late, I don’t believe in groundhogs, let’s hold fast to the profession of our faith, and let spring refresh us. Let it be a fountain of youth to us. After all, He promised to renew in in Psalm 103, His mercies are new every morning. Be blessed. Rebecca Jones / JM Smith pexels


Unveiling The Bride


I seriously doubt if most people know why there is a lifting of the veil.  Or if some would even care, since marriage is not the holy institution that it was meant to be. When Jacob worked seven years, he was given the wrong bride. He had married Leah instead of  Rachel. In that day the bride was veiled, and it was at night when the bridegroom came and was taken away. He never knew the difference, Leah participated in the deception, either on her on or at her father’s behest.

You still think he should have known, but he didn’t and that is why  in marriages the veil is lifted to kissed the bride. I try to learn something new each and everyday, and if you didn’t know the story, now you do. But bride of Christ is what we are concerned with. He is coming for a pure bride. Let me tell you, it is not without spot or blemish.

There is a lot of dissention among the body of Christ. There is still division and anger. Some believe in healing and tongues, others do not. There is debate about prophecy, the Rapture.  We need to turn back to love and forgiveness. We need to work together. If there are divides in families and churches, skisms and chasims are more like it.

There is a depth that only Jesus can fill. Only Jesus can heal. And I believe He will if we receive that love. We need to believe fully in pure grace. Not the so called cheap stuff. I think that is overblown by some. People who are still condemned by their pasts or sins or life, tend to have fears of accepting it. If people are continuing a life of sin and shame, they may not know Christ at all or or know know His true nature and extreme sacrifice. That is to have an deep spiritual knowledge and understanding of it.

To prove that I can give you this verse about a bridegroom and prove how He lifted the veil on the bride for us to access to the Father and forgiveness, and to be able to pray and receive and go boldly before the throne. since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus,  ” …by the new and living way opened for us through the curtain of His body,  and since we have a high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.…Hebrews 10:19-22

The Berean translation says …the veil of His flesh…What a beautiful portrait of the love of Jesus, the bridegroom who gave His life, now we are the beloved, and He is our High Priest.  The next verse says that we are sprinkled from an evil conscience. I used to think that was a flesh problem. But I know know that it means that we can rest in His sacrifice knowing we have His blood sprinkled over our minds like over the alter, we are pure and do not have to give in to sinful thoughts that the enemy throws or be subject to accussations. This is another place we can apply His grace to our thoughts, imaginings. We can cast down or out any evil thing, including doubt and unbelief.

Everyone may have doubts, but when questions turn to unbelief we have given our hearts to tho enemy to harden and make evil, even though we are a believer, we are making the Word of God of no effect. I hope this can clear up any misgivings and worries over things you know you were forgiven of.

Please know how very much Jesus loves you. And I pray His blessing and peace for you also, in Jesus name. Rebecca Jones /Zoriana Stakhniv, Unsplash, thank you.


Worship The Lord In Gladness


Worship, what is worship to us? Loud music and gyration? Some have turned it into a rock concert mode. I don’t mind joyful and lively and even some louder music, but when it’s hard to discern mainstream and worship, I think we may have a problem. I surely appreciate all kinds of good music.

And I can even feel the Lord’s presence in classical or just piano music. There is rapha or healing in still or quiet music, that is a form of pur worship. And Psalm 46:10 says to be still and know that I am God. I can be still and quiet in that sort of atmosphere. You can literally soak in and up the sounds of heaven. Harp music is also a still, peaceful way to worship.

The word know in Hebrew is not the intimacy of husband and wife and Lord/believer, even though it can be but it also is yodah, a for of waving the hands, praise and worship. Believe me, the Lord is pleased with quiet and still, and peaceful praise and worship. He is with us in ways that are incredible and unimaginable when we are still and worship in His precense.

He is indeed altogether lovely and there is great joy in receiving His healing and love, wisdom and grace for every need. He can give us answers to prayer, ideas for creativity, advice for business deals. If it matters to you, it matters to Jesus.

We all try to make time for ourselves, let’s include Him, we need to rest in Him in order to receive God’s best. Soak in that music if you will, like a hot tub of bubbles. Let the relaxing of soft worship music wash away those cares of the world. It can unwind tired muscles and achings shoulder. You would be surprised what goes on in the spiritual realm.

Mountains move, angels take flight, the gates of heaven swing wide and the woindows open with blessing to pur out. God treasures our prayers, He keeps them like love letters, the High Priest is like the post office to heaven, He sends them through with offerings to God, and they are perfumed and scented with the fragrance of Jesus.

Make time for yourself. Make time for Jesus, After all, He gave His life for you and I.  And there is nothing stronger than His love or sacrifice and His power. Nothing we go through is to hard for Him to help us conquer. We must stand firm, there are many ways to praise and worship, but on you knees, you can still stand in battle with the shield of faith. Surrender to Jesus, soak in peaceful worship. And get some sleep, and real rest. Rebecca Jones / Kevin Lee Unsplash, beautiful.

…..Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. Psalm 29:2


Me? A Doubting Thomas?


We’ve heard the story. The disciples heard about Jesus resurrection and Thomas doubted. Eight days later, and eight is number of new beginnings, they were behind locked doors, being afraid and Jesus appears. He announces who He is and tells them to look at His hands and side. The story is in John 20.

But when Thomas heard about it later because he wasn’t there, he was beside himself, like Peter, who often put his big fisherman foot in His mouth, he protested that he would not believe it. Not unless I see the wounds, thrust my hand in His side, uh oh! Major doubt.

This was on my heart, I guess because there are so many who still doubt that Jesus is Lord, healer, nothing is too hard for Him. But it looks like it is, we’re sick or broke or broken hearted still, but we like Thomas, are relying on our senses, not the sacrifice. We must look to Jesus and not the problem.

Let’s look at his lack of faith in comparison with the woman with the issue of blood. She knew if she touched Him, she was well. Thomas would not  believe unless he touched Him, even worse in the King James, thrust his hand into His side, that implies force, unlike other translations, that tone it down.

And Jesus is nice about it, He wasn’t angry. Come here Thomas, see my hands, my side. Ever the sweetest man alive or resurrected. He calmly deals with a doubter, and Thomas recognizes Him, my Lord and my God.

Let’s look at the word thrust again, in Greek, it is lance but it is not the exact word here and still the suggestion is that he wanted to put both hands in His side. In archaic languages is also used as a forceful word like a dagger thrust into his back as a for instance.

I saw a painting where Thomas is looking into a  small hole about the size of a nickel, about to reach into the cut in Jesus ribcage. It just didn’t sit right. I know the Holy Spirit laid this on my heart. It is a deep desire for me to let people know the truly agonizing and gruesome death He died for us and yet, He remains kind, calm and gentle even with a doubting Thomas and loudmouth Peter. People, He really loves us, let’s try to be like Him.

A Roman soldier’s weapon was called a pulim, an arrow shaped point that was probably also thrust into is side. About two inches wide, reaching upward to pierce His heart until blood and water poured out, thentaken out in a downward motion, if I hazard a guess, at a least four inch gash is possible. I could not find or even be sure of an exact measurement.

I think everyone should read about crucifixion, especially, if you ever start to doubt the Lord, and yet, He will be pleasant, loving and graceful, He will make His presence know if you seek Him. He loves  us, let’s not be doubters, His pain was excruciating. And the definition of that is out of the cross. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo…

He Is Able


If you think you life is hopeless, Think again. Look at Paul, who persecuted Christians, he called himself, the chiefest of sinners. I watched one lady on television who was a meth dealer, turned minister. While we’re not all out there killing people or ordering their deaths or helping them kill themselves with drugs, we have our share of problems.

These problems are not bigger or smaller to God, He can do anything. Even a new thing. Supoosed there wasn’t enough guardian angels to go around. ( And there are. ) He could make you one. He can make you a job or better still, a career. He can find money owed to you. He can prosper you as your soul prospers and you will be in good health.

I’m in better health as I took up my writing again. My soul was burdened and bogged down with the weight of the world, and writing  is an outlet, that I can use to bless and be blessed with. It was a part of my soul I was losing. You can be saved and losing the soul God wants you to have, your hidden life in Christ if you don’t seek Him and believe that you are truly a new creation. The flesh may have to deal with old desires but your spirit is born again and new, pure, full of abundant life in Him.

So don’t lose that to the enemy. He will take your joy, your peace, and you will be robbed of strength and health and energy. Jesus is constantly saving us from something. We are a work in progress. His masterpiece is being painted, what He starts, He is able to finish.If He started a good work, He is able to complete it.

I know it appears all hope is lost but it is not as long as Jesus is that hope. Cancer is not able to stop Him. Not blindness,  not sin or any evil thing the devil would throw at us. Not lack, He is the Good Shepherd. Jehovah – Jireh, the provider. God has name for every aspect of His being, Jesus also has many but they are rolled up in Him, when the stone rolled away from the tomb and He became our High Priest.

He is merciful and compassionate. We had a death recently, and in a dream had by a family member, angels told her the lady chose to go. They actually said, she had a choice to stay or go, and she wanted to go. I pray that is a comfort to someone suffering loss. Some injuries are just to serious for the person to survive, not because they don’t have faith, but because they are wearied or lack the strength it takes to recover. This lady had had operations and was in her eighties, yet people had prayed for healing. She just could not receive it.

An accident took the life of another friend of a woman I counseled. It was unexpected and grievous. That is why it is important to plead the blood of Jesus. Pray Psalm 91. The enemy will take every opportunity to destroy lives and families.

It is important to have a thankful spirit, to be grateful for good health. You can do all kinds of things to be healthy but that is no replacement for the Gentle Healer. He died on a cross to prove His love and His ” stripes ” from Isaiah 53 are more than that, they are deep wounds, slashes or rips.

So whatever we are going through, He is able. Rebecca Jones / Dung Ahn Unsplash thanks.

I wanted to post the Ron Kenoly song God is Able, it is not on Youtube but a whole concert with it is .



A Little Rest and Remaining



Doesn’t she look she look beautiful, radiant and relaxed? John 15:9 tells us that Jesus wants us to remain in His love. My previous post was about rest and remaining. I was complaining a little, okay, a lot, about not getting to do things. I know we are not supposed to complain, I didn’t realize I was. I felt like I had been grounded because I was not getting out as much. I had read a post about rest feeling like being sentenced to prison.  I did feel isolated and as much as I wanted to do, and started to do. I felt God’s hand holding me back to rest safely, instead. I had to thank Him and turn that mindset around this is good for me. In fact, it’s good for everyone. I can only brag about Jesus, at my nearly 1,000 posts.

The truth, God is not punishing by missing shopping trips and only go to the grocery store. I did have a few lunches but not nearly as many, I haven’t visited friends or family only calls and e-mail. Even the holidays were not as busy. I felt a little, guilty, lazy, even…was a sloth? I wanted to sleep a lot. I was concerned that was a sign of depression. I had a doctor keep telling me that a long time ago that I was. And this she says, by just looking at me. That report I did not receive, it did not go with Isaiah 53.

True, I pinned all my hopes on Jesus. But I wasn’t always listening to Him. The Holy Spirit has come as the Helper, and He did intervene for me in a bad time. I guess I had forgotten to lean on Jesus, and was trying to do it all myself and I could not. I could not be everyone’s confidante, confessor or live their lives. I spent a lot of time in intercessory prayer and I was always binding and rebuking the enemy.

I should have been resting and remaining in His love. The R & R that is pure, holy, and necessary to keep your health and sanity in a world given to hatred and violence, selfishness and chaos. My words may have gone unnoticed by some, but God heard every prayer and saw my heart and the sincerity of it. I was just not getting rest and remaining in love.

I was too busy helping others to love Jesus or better still let Him love me. So as we have set our clocks ahead, let’s set our hearts and minds and even bodies ahead, too. And purpose to rest and remain. Relax and refresh. Respond and rejoice. Respect and renew.  And God will restore what the enemy has stolen, through sin, disobedience, ignorance of the Word, and even innocence, maybe we didn’t even remember some things we prayed for and never got, they’ve been tucked away, like an old love note from long ago, forgotten but He remebers, I had an experience with that.

Some cruel words that other children had said about me, were very hurtful. Even as an adult there was a mocking from the enemy’s camp as I continued searching out His will and doing my best to serve Him. Those whispers in the back of my mind never let me rest, and I was so busy trying to prove something or do something to bring forth the fruit in my life, that they were whispers no longer but shouts at how much of a failure I was as a person, a human being, a Christian. And they were all lies.And this week, I realized how Romans 8:28 was working for me. What others meant for evil, God was making good like Joseph said about those brothers of his.

Be careful of the words you speak over yourself and others, don’t meditate on the cruel insults of others but put into your thinking the creative and constructive affirmations about you that make you, yourself, in the image of God. Be humble, submit to Jesus that you are not able but He is. Remember, the devil wants you to self destruct.

Do you have a phrase for R & R? I choose to rest and remain. And God will take care of the details, no, the devil is not in them. I’m not complaining, even at my peak, I will still rest. I want to receive all the blessings He has, that were stolen of lost. God is good at lost and found. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo…

Rest and Remaining In Jesus



How do we remain in His love? I wondered how someone falls out of love. I can’t imagine it, if I love it is forever. No matter if you have hurt me, devasted me or even walked away from me forever, I will still love you. I may not think about you all the time like someone I truly love but there will be no bitterness in my heart, my anger I will check, I will forgive. If I don’t, I will only hurt my soul.

But I am made in God’s image and my love is everlasting. His love remains in me. But I muct choose to remain in His. He will be beside me, He is always as close a breath. A whisper, a prayer. He will meet you there upon your knees or in your prayer chair or closet. He is close, closer than you think. In your heart, mind, spirit.

Through all the problems we encounter, trials we face and even storms, He’s right there. And He’s not asleep now. He was in the boat. But He’s on the throne. We can go boldly before Him on the mercy seat. We can pray and use His name. We have His grace foe every need.

But how do we remain in His love? Jesus said He wanted us to. He also said He wanted His joy to remain in us. So why aren’t we all happy Christians? Read the parable of the sower, the enemy comes in and sows tares, he take God’s word’s and promises from us, sometimes, immediately, sometimes over a period of time and through delays and distractions, deceit.

We will often just miss it, blissfully unaware, until later when we wonder why our prayers were not answered. But Jesus was right there and we were not remaining in His rest, His finished work. You must guard your heart and mind closely. Stay as close to Jesus as He is to you. Rest and Remain is my definition of the new R & R. I gave so much I was so burned out, and there was nothing for me. Jesus even did the same thing, He needed to take time away from the arguing disciples and crowds of those in need. He had to refresh His anointing, He is our perfect role model.

Remember, how much you loved Him at first. Keep that feeling. He will always be your first love, your lasting love, love that never leaves or forsakes, even if you leave Him out.  Remain, rest, stay there in His presence, keep His presence with you in you. You are a tabernacle in the wilderness of this world but instead of Melchizedek, Jesus is High Priest of our profession and always close to our hearts.

I pray we all begin to realize how important His love us to keep us going, and to set us free. I pray that we all learn how to rest and remain in His love. Rebecca Jones /pexels

               Rest your wings…..just4udesigns's image

I’m Going To Fast, Am I Going Too Fast?


So you’ve decided, you’re taking the plunge. You’re going to fast. Well, before you go too fast, let’s talk. Years ago, I participated in a 21 day Daniel’s fast. I didn’t make it. My mother did. I have also heard of people trying to diet that way and of some ridiculous things people pray for. You must fast with a prepared heart and for the right reasons.

I tried once in desperation to do a three day total one, well maybe water. I couldn’t do it. I made it with slice of bread and a glass of grape juice. I needed a lot of Communion. You won’t read it in the Bible but Esther’s maids had to help her before the, If I perish speech. After three days of no food or water, you are depleted. Now, think about forty. Fasting is a big deal. It will strengthen you spiritually, even mentally, especially, if you pray in the Spirit.

There is a reason Jesus talks about putting new wine, the Holy Spirit, into new wineskins. So of us, with our old baggage would leak like a sieve. But Jesus calls us, redeems and purifies us before giving His Spirit. At salvation, of course, but there is a subsequent baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t think so, read how people had not heard of the Holy Spirit, and were asked how they were baptized, they reply with John’s baptism. It is powerful, so be sure and study it well.

He tells the disciples they will fast, they had a lot to learn. We aren’t any different. There is also a passage that says some demons come out only by prayer and fasting. Fast appears italicized, suggesting it was added by translators. But fasting does move the spiritual realm, and I don’t doubt that that is true, whether His exact words or not.

Over the past nine months, I have participated in three, I’m doing one now. It has been so much easier. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. I did a 21 day, and added on to it to be 40. This one is 40 days for Lent. Purim is March 11th commemorating Esther’s, such a time as this over Haman, which save the Jews.

I decided to not eat until 3 every afternoon, because Jesus was crucified then and gave up His Spirit. It has not been hard. Oh, I stared at a bag of Doritos, I had a rumbly stomach on occasion, but no headaches, no crabiness. And I didn’t ask anything, I told Him I did it for love and that’s all. He could do what He wanted to do.

Some people give up coffee, others desserts, or social media  It is a fast, It should hurt a little. Give up a shopping day, that doughnut or  stash of snacks. You know the one, I mean. I had a day when my mother brought me a burger, it was before three. So I ate it and told the Lord I would swap Pinterest time. He’s patient, flexible, He understands. He knows our hearts better than we do. So go ahead, fast. Just not too fast, a meal a day will do to start and if you take medication, you may just want to fast something else.

One day a week, one week a month, 21 days, 40. Start slow and plan it out. I hope you do well. Rebecca Jones / pexels

*Purim is March 20th this year, from sundown to sundown the 21st, you can read the book of Esther and some people are fasting 40 days beginning lent, which includes Purim. I am not sure I will be doing this one because I am busy blogging and keep odd hours sometimes. Another time of the year when Christians fast with Jews or those who are Messianic is Yom Kippor, this year it is October 8, 9. Again sundown to sundown and you can also wear white.

He’s Enough!


I listened to a vlog the other day. That’s a video blog. And I heard a wonderful prayer for people who were down, barely hanging on, feeling as though they had been wounded mortally in spiritual battle. Is that you? It has been me. If Jesus is all you have, He’s enough. Hang onto that.

If you look back through your life of not being a Christian, or even being one and what you endured and overcame, the loss or heartache or break, the illnesses, the sicknesses, surgeries. All the ups and downs of finances. He’s enough. Hold on.

He never meant for us to be so weary and heavy laden but to rest in Him. How often do we take our prayers or cares of the world and roll them over, and then pick them up again. You feel guilty because of His great sacrifice, there must be something I have to do. Surely, I must be witnessing or going door to door, I should pay tithes, I don’t pray enough or fast. You get caught up in you, what makes you think He needs our help? If we could do it we wouldn’t have needed a Savior.

Salvation is a gift, you can’t earn it. Grace is a gift, you should receive it freely and give it freely. He says rest. Read about it in Hebrews 4. He says to, ” Be still and know that I am God. ” Psalm 46:10 Most of us may have never read Psalm 127:2, and it doesn’t do any good to sit up late or get up early oer to worry, He wants His beloved to sleep.

Stop seeing Jesus off in the heavens or on the cross. He’s not there, it is finished. He’s right with you, if you’ve given Him your heart. Most of us may have trouble identifying with God as our Father, or even as Jesus, as a Bridegroom. Human love is one thing, it changes. He doesn’t. Your Father’s always there for you and will listen, He gives good gifts. James 1:7, and with Jesus, figurately as a husband, the honeymoon is never over, your always beautiful, He will always cherish you and listen. Women who talk, want husbands to listen. And they want to listen to their husbands, Jesus gives you the Holy Spirit who will teach you. Seek His prescence, discern His voice.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He healed then, He heals now. He loved then, He loves now. He will heal tomorrow, He loves tomorrow. Isaiah 53 is enough. Being dragged, scourged, and spat upon was enough. Having His back plowed with deep furrows, He’s enough. Psalm 129:3 Isn’t that an even more powerful verse? Stripes is such a toned down description, the imagery is lacking.

With His head crushed by two inch thorns, repeated blows, flesh torn from bone, His face marred and beard plucked, barely recognizable as a man. Oh, He’s more than enough. If the doctor says you have cancer, better still you have Jesus. If you have a need of any kind you have Jesus. It’s not that you have to be persistant in asking but consistent in believing.

If you are suffering today or struggling. Lay it at the foot of the cross and leave it there. He’s not there but that’s where He destroyed the works of the devil. And when you lay it down, pick up John 10:10 and take His abundant life. Rebecca Jones

A Time To Heal


I wanted to add some healing posts to my blog to encourage anyone who needs healing of any kind. There is power in prayer and healing in Jesus. From personal experience, let me tell you about a mistake that a lot of people make.  They don’t take time to heal. I know that that sounds simple enough, a sort of pat answer.

Far from it, I can almost hear the comments I’d get if speaking to an audience. The  hospital let me go. I have to get back to work. Just so many sick days, maternity time and I will address that. If you have a headache or even flus or viruses, they run their course. The chronic migraine and TMJ, that I suffered, which was worse after dental work was a lot more intense.

A broken leg will heal in six weeks, I broke an ankle on my 35th birthday. I was in a wheelchair, I returned it the next day.  I could not manage crutches, that foot was prayed for, I had a walking moon boot and it was off in two. Faith moved that mountain for me. I was never one who was not going to walk even with pain from scoliosis. Even though I couldn’t manage the mall anymore or even drive for a while. I would not give in. I am walking in a lot more healing every day.

I was taught you could walk in divine health. But I thought going to the doctor, even for something minor was a lack of faith. That was foolish. Jesus knew I had faith and I believed in healing and miracles. I never even realized until recently that Jesus acknowledged doctors when He said people needed them. I thought that was unbelieving people and I had great faith. Wrong. Take care of yourself, go to the doctor, take medicine, but speak your faith too. That’s how I went the wrong way. Let’s go the right one. This is a fallen world and attacks do come. The enemy will hit you lots of ways and you have to be on guard. Sometimes, it’s two or three things, if you’re a firm believer four or five. Oh, he has heard your prayers, he knows your limits, so you have to too. And he’s terrified you’ll know what he’s up to, so ask the Lord. There are germs and things from the atmosphere and other people, but there is also demonic attacks.

And that is a major ploy to wear out the saints. Maybe, you don’t even consider yourself one, but as a believer in Jesus you are and he can’t get past that blood. However, he will go after the flesh, and your mind, which is part of your soul, is also flesh. How many older people who are already weak fall and break something, have a stroke, are paralyzed, bedridden and die. Yes, there are patterns and cycles and seasons, he moves in when we are vilnerable. Isn’t that awful to have one thing, then another?  And another? Watch out for meaningful dates as well, they are also targets. I don’t have permission to relay a story, so I’ll just say this…you went through a bad time on this day, and say three years later, someone wants you to endure this same bad thing on the anniversary? It’s like salt in wounds.

Let’s say you had major surgery and go home. A long hospital stay make you wants to get and go, take it easy, take it slow. Major illnesses or trauma need time to recover, no matter what the doctor says. Jesus even said get her up and feed her, after raising a girl from the dead. He’d didn’t say, have her fix me dinner. Peter’s mother law could do it, she only had a fever.

And I was taught to bind the spirit of trauma, and that most diseases and even wickedness are demons with named attached, and that can be true. His name is above them all and we are entitled to use it. His name is above cancer, even anger and hate. We must learn to discern and walk in the authority we have, but it can be a process and one that will burn you out in your own life or as an intercessor, minister , or even blogger. The desire to help can be powerful, I minimzed and trivialized that for years, not to look good or to holier than thou, but because I thought I could deal with it, but I needed prayer too, I needed rest,too.

So you know yourself better than I do, Jesus knows you better than that. I get more sleep, and still get more done. I give Him first and last place everyday. I know when to say when. I will tell people no, in polite ways or no uncertain terms if need be. I won’t go down the road I was on. If you’re not here to help, you won’t be able to help anyone.

Are you out of ICU, get back into the Intensive Christ Unit. Take a few extra days off, even if you budget a way. If it’s not possible, take a nap, go to sleep early. Give yourself a peaceful outlet, classical music, a warm bath. It is important to slow down, God does not give you diseases to teach you lesson, He’s got a Bible for that and ministers and people like me who care. But He will slow you down.

And above all guard your heart and mind. Fill it with His healing words. Take comfort in someone reading to you, I love that. Better still ask Him to guard your heart and mind, and even mouth. Learn not to speak death but life, it is in your tongue. Let the fruit of yur lips be praise, call yourself well by faith, even if you’re not. It’s your life. Nourish it, cherish it, respect His sacrifice and He will heal it.

The mind as part of the soul does need to learn to let your spirit, or the Holy Spirit rule. Sometimes I just have to get out of His way and go lie down. Often, I hear that still small voice, ” You’ve done enough today or just a whisper, rest. ” It’s the middle of the night when I’m writing, He put it on my heart for yours. It’s okay too because I can sleep in.

If you are tired, you can worry, fear or grieve. And in reverse those things can make you tired. It is a vicious cycle. Schedule things if necessary.  Lose unimportant little things that don’t matter. I used to keep house on a routine. Now, I just keep house. I used to cook dinner a lot, now I like those one pot means, like soup or chili. You will find what works.

And you don’t want to push anyone too hard about healing. Everyone has different levels of faith. Communion is good to take daily. You can lay hands on people if it’s alright with them and if the Lord leads you and you are a believer. Don’t let just anyone do this or even give you Communion. As a believer, Jesus calls us kings and priests so we can take it ourselves and without fear if we know we are repentant and not willingly sinning.

I don’t say that to scare anyone but there are things to be cautious of. I have been prayed for by well meaning people and they knew nothing about healing, I actually felt like I was losing it at times. Make no mistake there is an adversary, accuser, the liar. We wrestle not against flesh and blood and there may be times, He will open your spiritual eyes to this by dreams or visions. The Holy Spirit is good about that, He works with you, not against you.

So people with deep depression and serious mental illnesses might not understand how the Holy Spirit works. If someone needs help counseling or medical attention get it. Know your limit but don’t limit God, nothing is too hard for Him. If you can pray in the Spirit do so, that’s a refresher, and regularly so not to give the enemy a place. he told the leper He was willing to heal, so I believe it is His will and we have to will it too, and defeat that enemy with His help. Looking back, I’m sure when I was learning the Word, I probably did just will myself well, because I had no idea what it really meant to be a living sacrifice.

If you can give someone a break, if you’re the boss, send someone home early. Take neighbor a casserole, watch their children. Give a new mother time to sleep, don’t assume that young people are immune. I know if you love Jesus and He loves you, you can think of ways to help someone, and if something I say helps you pass it on. Check it out by the Word and share it.

Remember to speak peace to your body, His peace, His rest, and peace to the body of Christ. Blessings and health to the flesh. And remember, He’s the Great Physician. Rebecca Jones / my pixa