Amazing Grace


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. I researched this song written so long ago by John Newton, who called out to God as his boat was battered by a storm off the coast of Ireland. Though he didn’t quit slave trading until years later, he became a convert and wrote songs, this one may have been chanted by the congregation on New Year’s Day, 1773.

The song was popular in England, then faded and became popular again, and even into the 20th century, recorded by various artists and sung all over the world, the words resonate forgiveness from a loving savior. No matter how great or small the sinner or the degree, a truly repentant heart will find His grace amazing, and it will lead you home.

Grace and truth were ushered in by Jesus and He truly doesn’t keep records of your sins. His blood paid for you. You were bought with a price.  It cost Jesus deeply and is not a gift to be abused. He freely gives gifts and is expecting us to receive and do the same. We are never to take lightly His grace or believe it is right to keep on sinning.

No matter if you were raised in church or the worst of sinners, if you’ve memorized the Bible or only know John 3:16, if you atttend every service or even once a month. Whatever difficulties or difference, there is amazing grace for all of us. Can we fall short of it, yes? But it is ever present, with new merices every morning. We need to hate sin, but love people, and the love of Jesus is amazing, just as His grac is.

Let me share the beautiful words with you and let them into your soul.  And please enjoy the gentle and soothing voice of Michael Crawford. Here is love, here is Jesus, here is Amazing Grace. Rebecca Jones / photograph pexels




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