Gimme A Call

Ever feel like this lady? Once a day, at least? I know the feeling. Well, while the children try to destroy the house, you’ve burnt the dinner, ran out of gas, or forgot someone’s birthday and then the telemarketers call, asking if you owe the IRS or wanting sell you burial insurance, and even know cell numbers, and while you need to brush up on math to help with homework and there’s yet another science project due, I can help.

I am going to give you God’s phone number. Seriously! It is never busy. He won’t put you on hold, have you to yell answers to a computer generated voice, that says, ” I’m sorry can you repeat that once more. ” You don’t have to Habla Espanol, press 1, He speaks all languages, fluently.

You won’t get cut off, or your call dropped, waiting or forwarded. It’s free, local and not even long distace. You don’t have to reboot like I did the other day, after several tries, it worked. You just have to talk and not text, and you’ll be save if you’redriving. Ready, God’s phone number is….oh yes, I forgot, you get unlimited lifetime calling and all the minute you need and no charges. God’s phone number is …. drumroll, please…..

Jeremiah 33:3 Call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you did not know.

Wasn’t that simple? And it is simple. He will show you answers, give you rest. He will listen comfort, tell you how much He loves you, how much He thinks about you, constantly.  We could never count His thoughts about us or toward us. His plans are for good, not to harm. He is such a misunderstood Father, because we often can’t relate to our earthly ones. Especially, if they were hard men. you must forgive, and realize their fathers were as well. People can only give what they have, and God wants to give us love. His love.

So whip out your cell phone turn it off, and read this verse. And talk. Forget the computer and IM, talk to the I AM. If you need to get somewhere away from the day, the noise or crowds. Do it! Curl up on a couch with a soft pair of jammies and slippers and a blankie, open your Bible and call Jeremiah 33:3. He answers on the first ring. He doesn’t play that game where you stand by the phone and let it ring trying not to act like your anxious to get that call. He wants you to know His number and He’s waiting, maybe not on pins and needles but on cloud nine, anticipating it.

I have to admit, I never had God pictured that way. He was always some old geezer or codger who was stiff and stodgy, trying to teach me a lesson, and if I didn’t get it, it wasn’t His fault. I just wasn’t smart enough, brave enough, or I was doing something wrong because His ways are perfect.

But I encountered perfect love, perfect joy, perfect peace in Jesus. I had trouble hanging on to that too, because there is an enemy at work. But when you have God’s number you also have his. And suddenly, 666 is 000. The Holy Spirit will show you how to thwart those plans, so follow love, desire spiritual gifts, ask and let Him give freely, freely receive His love.

I hope this really helps someone today, if you are in deperate need, dire straits or just need a laugh, you’ve got His number. And if you like this post leave me a message and forward it to friends. Rebecca Jones



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