Where Are The OTHER NINE?

Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the others? Jesus probably did this in front of some or all the disciples but not everything is recorded in every book, maybe it was a moment for Jesus to show Himself as the Great Physician.

I have to admit when I started learning about healing, I thought some of these people were crackpots, and some of the stories I heard and read made me think someone had been smoking something. But I needed healing, I got a little, then I got worse. But I had to learn to discern. I had to disect, for lack of a better word that sacrifice, Isaiah 53. I dug deep, and deep was calling me, and I had an enemy, a liar, a trickster and a deceiver. Don’t let him do that to you.

Healing is real. Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is real. Angels and demons are real. The Bible is a spiritual book. It works opposite to spells and curses and is full of weapons the enemy would scare you off of. I do not and will not ever like or condone the phrase ” faith healer “. It takes faith, yes. But it also takes receiving and love, and a lot of people have been mistaught or frightened of the gifts of the Spirit, and about grace in general, and prosperity takes a beating too. I was one of the disillusioned by scandal, but Jesus forgave and we have to too. We can’t be throwing stones.

Jesus had just healed ten lepers but only one returned with thanks. And Jesus asks about the other nine. How many of us have just missed things and opportunities by being so consumed with our own prayers and petitions that we forget to give thanks. Our focus is on us not Him and that’s where we miss it so many times. And if you think it’s hard to give Jesus your full attention, it’s just like faith, He knows, He listens.

I thought I had to great big old faith to move my mountains, I even pictured our Stone Mountain, near Atlanta. How could my little mustarrd seed move that? I started speaking it. I got laughed at. Faith was a deep thing for me I knew He answered prayer, what I didn’t know is how the enemy stole them. Just as Jesus hears our words, the devil comes after them. He causes doubt, he stirs trouble as the Lord stirs faith, it’s not an even match. Jesus defeated him for us and finished His work on the cross. So why am I losing?

I fought battles that belonged to the Lord, I did not know about restin in Him. Angels were a lot of what I knew about and that was also an area of ridicule. I don’t worship statues or angels. I have better sense. And you would think people wpoul have common sense, wouldn’t you. I heard of a man who was healed, but he would not give up a disability check and go to work. Did he stay healed? No, the devil took his miracle with laziness or greed. Then there was a deaf girl who worked in a bar, she too, was healed and went back into a noisy and wicked workplace, her deafness returned. The devil got her hearing with the atmosphere she chose to remain in. And worse of all a lady with a horrible tumor that fell of her face in a service, she was so frightened, even though she had a miracle she picked it up and returned it to her face. Isn’t that horrible.

There aren’t conditions on healing, Jesus healed them all. But let’s not drive ourselves crazy trying to be faith giants. I f we are sincere and in Christ, let’s not disqualify ourselves or others do it for us. Even ministers. But the is something we need to do upon recieving our healing, and that is something we must do, receive. Also let’s remember to return and thank Him, day after day would be nice, but He would say to not overdo it.

Finally, He told the leper to go and see the High Priest who would pronounce him clean. One out of ten, we can do better. Jesus should not have touched dead things under the law, but He fulfilled the law and prophets as the Son of the living God.  He touched lepers who were dead men waling. People are fascinated with these kind of shows. Little do they realize that we were all dead in the tresspasses of sin until Jesus touches us, And He is now our High Priest and He too pronounces us clean.

Ask Him to heal you and He will, if not all at once as  you go along, as little or as much as you can believe. He works with you not against you. He knows the more faith you have the more the demons will throw their arrows and stones in your path. those are the birds that lodge in the mustard trees, I have see the vultures off in the woods. He will protect you from every evil thing and guide your steps. Never let fear keep you from believing in a loving and healing Lord.

Receive, your healing, deliverance , miracle and peace in His holy name. Amen. Rebecca Jones



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