Diamond Girl?

Are you a diamond girl? Sure, we all like pretty things, but if you are so consumed with outer appearances an neglect inner strength and beauty, you are making a mistake, especially, if you are a Christian.

God’s desire is for His children to reflect His glory. And Jesus, the one who is altogether lovely is like a flawless diamond, so again, are you a a diamond girl? I hope your answer is yes to that.

I hope that you know that no matter your age, weight, looks or skin color, even your education or lack of, whatever situation how bad, even the mire of sin and shame you may be in that the perfect one Jesus loves you and calls you His, if you are a believer, He calls you by your name and you are His. You belong to Him an you are His beloved and He cares for you so come to Him with all your cares.

If you are not a believer, you can know the true love of Jesus. He can set you free, just believe on Him. Accept His gift of salvation. He is willing and might to save and will not condemn you.

Diamond girl or diamond in the rough, the perfect jewel from heaven that came to die for us, Jesus, will take us and do a mighty work in us. And He doesn’t mind a little bling, after all, heaven’s streets are paved with gold.

But let not only look good on the outside but be women that precious on the inside, the crowns of excellence to our husbands and the women far above rubies. We want to be the perfume and the aroma of Christ, we want to reflect His glory in evening gowns or sweatpants.

The true adornment of a women is grace under fire, her kindness, her quiet and gentle spirit that please the Lord. You can be firm and strong, gentle and loving and carry withing you a gold mine, a jewelry store of fire brilliance that surpasses, glitz and glamour and fleeting beauty.

True beauty is ageless, priceless and flawless, and the only way we will ever be truly beautiful is to walk in His love. Rebecca Jones/ chuttesnap, Unsplash, thanks.


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