My Tongue is On Fire


And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself. James 3:6

Most people either take this either too seriously or not seriously at all. The Bible has so much to say about words, it is even called the Word. Jesus was the Word made flesh and He came ad dwelled and died and rose and ascended from here. And yet, people throw I love you’s around out of obligation, to manipulate, and even to control.

The real “I love you,” gave up heaven, suffered, went to hell to regain Adam’s authority. And He gives it to as we grow as believers. We have a believer’s authority, Jesus authority over our lives, but we have to choose what we believe, what we think, and what we say.

Our mouths can get us into the most trouble. Most of us will tell the enemy, what bothers us, our weaknesses. We’re not quick enough with forgivness we should have, or the compassion. So many people have such flip conversations. They don’t know how they hurt others, or themselves. And discernment is a gift.

You don’ t have to profess everything in public, because most will not understand. But you do not have to be ashamed for believing either. I have had awful things said to me and about me, by people who I could care less what they thought but also by people I loved who should have loved me. Jesus took more abuse than anyone, even being mocked on the cross.

You see, if you never really experience the love of Jesus, you won’t understand. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not to condemn, though it was His right. He literally took our punishment and place, if we don’t have a revelation of that love and a personal relationship with the Lord, you will never understand the importance of words.

God has a sense of humor, but everything is not a joke. Serious matters require serious prayer, make sure you line up your words with His. Call yourself, blessed ,beloved,favored and healed and it will come, no matter who doubts or doesn’t believe, it will come.

The tongue is a funny thing, we don’t pay any attention to it ususally, I notice mine if it is burning from a sore throat, sip something hot, use it to get lipstick off my teeth, if it gags me when I brush my teeth in back. It’s a small part of me and yet, no one can tame it, not even me. Only Jesus, and I have to let Him.

To think I can build up or tear down, help or hurt, draw a soul to Jesus or drive one away, is serious stuff. It’s natural for the tongue to speak death, harshness and the negative. It is easy to be rude or arrogant, but not for me, I ‘ve been with Jesus too long. Oh, yes I have spoken in anger, even in the last week, but I’d much rather be Christ focused. And yet, I could say domething tomorrow. Thank you Lord for grace. And tender mercies that are new every morning.

For it is with the Lord, that I have learned to speak life and love. And that’s a whole lot better. Even if speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not love, you’re just a noise. I am talking about me. But the Holy Spirit is talking about Jesus in 1 Corinthians 13.

We should not need a bit or a bridle. It’s better for our own heart to say whoa! And if my tongue is on fire, then it will be a good fire, like the one at Pentecost. Let Jesus minister His grace to you if you are having trouble with a temper, language or just negativity.

Try hard this next week and every day on, to be kind, don’t say anything bad, and not about yourself either. Don’t enjoy self pity, be confident in Jesus but boast of Him not you. And if you can’t do any better, just be quiet, don’t say anything. He can work with that.

Rebecca Jones / Danielle Petersen Unsplash thanks.


4 thoughts on “My Tongue is On Fire”

  1. Many wise words, Rebecca. Lots of things to consider about what we say and how we say them. I like your challenge to be kind and not say anything bad. And you made me smile when you talked about the tongue being a funny small thing, but so powerful at the same time.


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