Thoughts of Spring


it’s March, the day of spring, but was  cold here in Georgia after a strange winter.  Now it is warm again. I was wearing shorts in December and January. That is unusual. They  are usually laid aside until late April or May, sometime in November. I’m in my jean shorts again. We had had some interesting weather, Warm days, a hail storm, cold winds, drizzles. A veritable mix of moisture.

But it is almost spring, time for things to be renewed. It is a time of resurrection and restoration. Seeds and bulbs break ground and spring into new life. Sown much earlier, or annuals that come back, they have laid in the ground, hibernating in the cold, at rest, at peace with God’s plan for them. They slumber, stir, and wake to the sunlight sitrs with warmth and energy. A new life that praises Him in beauty, the flowers wave and worship the Creator and are filled with hope that the spring and summer rains will nourish their roots and they will bloom into the fall.

So should we be, there is Purin, we have already entered, celebrated by Messianic Jews, and even some Christians, a reminder of Esther’s courage to stand and face the King with her request. For such a time as this, she was there, we are here. The flowers come, the spring. He makes it beautiful in His time. Then there is Resurrection Day and Pentecost.

Seasons come and go, People come and go. Doors open and others close and life changes as each year passes. Our lives are filled with wonder, so much we see and so much we miss just by being wrapped in the cares of the world. But all the while He is creating, oh, He finished it in the beginning. His Word, His spoken word carries on the creative throws of the world. the stars kept going, the galaxies and universe.

Babies keep being born, the earth keeps on spinning. Thee is newness of life in spring. We start to plan vacations, have picnics, proms. There are cookouts and children gather in neigborhood parks. The spring looks ahead to summer and summer to fall and fall to winter, the days and cycles of the season He set long ago.

He also set a bow in the clouds after the flood, though there is no pot of gold, there are streets of them. And the rainbows are there after the storms, a symbol of of His peace, I once had a double one appear over my house after a very bad storm. It’s His way of reminging us it’s alright. I’m here. I rose from the dead and I am able to protect you.

So as spring comes, either early or late, I don’t believe in groundhogs, let’s hold fast to the profession of our faith, and let spring refresh us. Let it be a fountain of youth to us. After all, He promised to renew in in Psalm 103, His mercies are new every morning. Be blessed. Rebecca Jones / JM Smith pexels


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