Me? A Doubting Thomas?


We’ve heard the story. The disciples heard about Jesus resurrection and Thomas doubted. Eight days later, and eight is number of new beginnings, they were behind locked doors, being afraid and Jesus appears. He announces who He is and tells them to look at His hands and side. The story is in John 20.

But when Thomas heard about it later because he wasn’t there, he was beside himself, like Peter, who often put his big fisherman foot in His mouth, he protested that he would not believe it. Not unless I see the wounds, thrust my hand in His side, uh oh! Major doubt.

This was on my heart, I guess because there are so many who still doubt that Jesus is Lord, healer, nothing is too hard for Him. But it looks like it is, we’re sick or broke or broken hearted still, but we like Thomas, are relying on our senses, not the sacrifice. We must look to Jesus and not the problem.

Let’s look at his lack of faith in comparison with the woman with the issue of blood. She knew if she touched Him, she was well. Thomas would not  believe unless he touched Him, even worse in the King James, thrust his hand into His side, that implies force, unlike other translations, that tone it down.

And Jesus is nice about it, He wasn’t angry. Come here Thomas, see my hands, my side. Ever the sweetest man alive or resurrected. He calmly deals with a doubter, and Thomas recognizes Him, my Lord and my God.

Let’s look at the word thrust again, in Greek, it is lance but it is not the exact word here and still the suggestion is that he wanted to put both hands in His side. In archaic languages is also used as a forceful word like a dagger thrust into his back as a for instance.

I saw a painting where Thomas is looking into a  small hole about the size of a nickel, about to reach into the cut in Jesus ribcage. It just didn’t sit right. I know the Holy Spirit laid this on my heart. It is a deep desire for me to let people know the truly agonizing and gruesome death He died for us and yet, He remains kind, calm and gentle even with a doubting Thomas and loudmouth Peter. People, He really loves us, let’s try to be like Him.

A Roman soldier’s weapon was called a pulim, an arrow shaped point that was probably also thrust into is side. About two inches wide, reaching upward to pierce His heart until blood and water poured out, thentaken out in a downward motion, if I hazard a guess, at a least four inch gash is possible. I could not find or even be sure of an exact measurement.

I think everyone should read about crucifixion, especially, if you ever start to doubt the Lord, and yet, He will be pleasant, loving and graceful, He will make His presence know if you seek Him. He loves  us, let’s not be doubters, His pain was excruciating. And the definition of that is out of the cross. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo…


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