He Is Able


If you think you life is hopeless, Think again. Look at Paul, who persecuted Christians, he called himself, the chiefest of sinners. I watched one lady on television who was a meth dealer, turned minister. While we’re not all out there killing people or ordering their deaths or helping them kill themselves with drugs, we have our share of problems.

These problems are not bigger or smaller to God, He can do anything. Even a new thing. Supoosed there wasn’t enough guardian angels to go around. ( And there are. ) He could make you one. He can make you a job or better still, a career. He can find money owed to you. He can prosper you as your soul prospers and you will be in good health.

I’m in better health as I took up my writing again. My soul was burdened and bogged down with the weight of the world, and writing  is an outlet, that I can use to bless and be blessed with. It was a part of my soul I was losing. You can be saved and losing the soul God wants you to have, your hidden life in Christ if you don’t seek Him and believe that you are truly a new creation. The flesh may have to deal with old desires but your spirit is born again and new, pure, full of abundant life in Him.

So don’t lose that to the enemy. He will take your joy, your peace, and you will be robbed of strength and health and energy. Jesus is constantly saving us from something. We are a work in progress. His masterpiece is being painted, what He starts, He is able to finish.If He started a good work, He is able to complete it.

I know it appears all hope is lost but it is not as long as Jesus is that hope. Cancer is not able to stop Him. Not blindness,  not sin or any evil thing the devil would throw at us. Not lack, He is the Good Shepherd. Jehovah – Jireh, the provider. God has name for every aspect of His being, Jesus also has many but they are rolled up in Him, when the stone rolled away from the tomb and He became our High Priest.

He is merciful and compassionate. We had a death recently, and in a dream had by a family member, angels told her the lady chose to go. They actually said, she had a choice to stay or go, and she wanted to go. I pray that is a comfort to someone suffering loss. Some injuries are just to serious for the person to survive, not because they don’t have faith, but because they are wearied or lack the strength it takes to recover. This lady had had operations and was in her eighties, yet people had prayed for healing. She just could not receive it.

An accident took the life of another friend of a woman I counseled. It was unexpected and grievous. That is why it is important to plead the blood of Jesus. Pray Psalm 91. The enemy will take every opportunity to destroy lives and families.

It is important to have a thankful spirit, to be grateful for good health. You can do all kinds of things to be healthy but that is no replacement for the Gentle Healer. He died on a cross to prove His love and His ” stripes ” from Isaiah 53 are more than that, they are deep wounds, slashes or rips.

So whatever we are going through, He is able. Rebecca Jones / Dung Ahn Unsplash thanks.

I wanted to post the Ron Kenoly song God is Able, it is not on Youtube but a whole concert with it is .




2 thoughts on “He Is Able

  1. Rebecca, thank you for this encouraging post of hope in our merciful and loving Father. We may suffer through many trials, but God is always there to lift us up when we reach for His hand.
    I hope your day is blessed. 😃
    Visiting from #HeartEncouragementThursday


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