A Little Rest and Remaining



Doesn’t she look she look beautiful, radiant and relaxed? John 15:9 tells us that Jesus wants us to remain in His love. My previous post was about rest and remaining. I was complaining a little, okay, a lot, about not getting to do things. I know we are not supposed to complain, I didn’t realize I was. I felt like I had been grounded because I was not getting out as much. I had read a post about rest feeling like being sentenced to prison.  I did feel isolated and as much as I wanted to do, and started to do. I felt God’s hand holding me back to rest safely, instead. I had to thank Him and turn that mindset around this is good for me. In fact, it’s good for everyone. I can only brag about Jesus, at my nearly 1,000 posts.

The truth, God is not punishing by missing shopping trips and only go to the grocery store. I did have a few lunches but not nearly as many, I haven’t visited friends or family only calls and e-mail. Even the holidays were not as busy. I felt a little, guilty, lazy, even…was a sloth? I wanted to sleep a lot. I was concerned that was a sign of depression. I had a doctor keep telling me that a long time ago that I was. And this she says, by just looking at me. That report I did not receive, it did not go with Isaiah 53.

True, I pinned all my hopes on Jesus. But I wasn’t always listening to Him. The Holy Spirit has come as the Helper, and He did intervene for me in a bad time. I guess I had forgotten to lean on Jesus, and was trying to do it all myself and I could not. I could not be everyone’s confidante, confessor or live their lives. I spent a lot of time in intercessory prayer and I was always binding and rebuking the enemy.

I should have been resting and remaining in His love. The R & R that is pure, holy, and necessary to keep your health and sanity in a world given to hatred and violence, selfishness and chaos. My words may have gone unnoticed by some, but God heard every prayer and saw my heart and the sincerity of it. I was just not getting rest and remaining in love.

I was too busy helping others to love Jesus or better still let Him love me. So as we have set our clocks ahead, let’s set our hearts and minds and even bodies ahead, too. And purpose to rest and remain. Relax and refresh. Respond and rejoice. Respect and renew.  And God will restore what the enemy has stolen, through sin, disobedience, ignorance of the Word, and even innocence, maybe we didn’t even remember some things we prayed for and never got, they’ve been tucked away, like an old love note from long ago, forgotten but He remebers, I had an experience with that.

Some cruel words that other children had said about me, were very hurtful. Even as an adult there was a mocking from the enemy’s camp as I continued searching out His will and doing my best to serve Him. Those whispers in the back of my mind never let me rest, and I was so busy trying to prove something or do something to bring forth the fruit in my life, that they were whispers no longer but shouts at how much of a failure I was as a person, a human being, a Christian. And they were all lies.And this week, I realized how Romans 8:28 was working for me. What others meant for evil, God was making good like Joseph said about those brothers of his.

Be careful of the words you speak over yourself and others, don’t meditate on the cruel insults of others but put into your thinking the creative and constructive affirmations about you that make you, yourself, in the image of God. Be humble, submit to Jesus that you are not able but He is. Remember, the devil wants you to self destruct.

Do you have a phrase for R & R? I choose to rest and remain. And God will take care of the details, no, the devil is not in them. I’m not complaining, even at my peak, I will still rest. I want to receive all the blessings He has, that were stolen of lost. God is good at lost and found. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo…


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