Rest and Remaining In Jesus



How do we remain in His love? I wondered how someone falls out of love. I can’t imagine it, if I love it is forever. No matter if you have hurt me, devasted me or even walked away from me forever, I will still love you. I may not think about you all the time like someone I truly love but there will be no bitterness in my heart, my anger I will check, I will forgive. If I don’t, I will only hurt my soul.

But I am made in God’s image and my love is everlasting. His love remains in me. But I muct choose to remain in His. He will be beside me, He is always as close a breath. A whisper, a prayer. He will meet you there upon your knees or in your prayer chair or closet. He is close, closer than you think. In your heart, mind, spirit.

Through all the problems we encounter, trials we face and even storms, He’s right there. And He’s not asleep now. He was in the boat. But He’s on the throne. We can go boldly before Him on the mercy seat. We can pray and use His name. We have His grace foe every need.

But how do we remain in His love? Jesus said He wanted us to. He also said He wanted His joy to remain in us. So why aren’t we all happy Christians? Read the parable of the sower, the enemy comes in and sows tares, he take God’s word’s and promises from us, sometimes, immediately, sometimes over a period of time and through delays and distractions, deceit.

We will often just miss it, blissfully unaware, until later when we wonder why our prayers were not answered. But Jesus was right there and we were not remaining in His rest, His finished work. You must guard your heart and mind closely. Stay as close to Jesus as He is to you. Rest and Remain is my definition of the new R & R. I gave so much I was so burned out, and there was nothing for me. Jesus even did the same thing, He needed to take time away from the arguing disciples and crowds of those in need. He had to refresh His anointing, He is our perfect role model.

Remember, how much you loved Him at first. Keep that feeling. He will always be your first love, your lasting love, love that never leaves or forsakes, even if you leave Him out.  Remain, rest, stay there in His presence, keep His presence with you in you. You are a tabernacle in the wilderness of this world but instead of Melchizedek, Jesus is High Priest of our profession and always close to our hearts.

I pray we all begin to realize how important His love us to keep us going, and to set us free. I pray that we all learn how to rest and remain in His love. Rebecca Jones /pexels

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2 thoughts on “Rest and Remaining In Jesus

  1. So true! Loveing Him is the greatest commandment and our highest priority. But I know full well how easily it is to get distracted. What a slippery slope ?! Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite prompts in Scripture- “first love”. Blessings!


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