I’m Going To Fast


So you’ve decided, you’re taking the plunge. You’re going to fast. Well, before you go too fast, let’s talk. Years ago, I participated in a 21 day Daniel’s fast. I didn’t make it. My mother did. I have also heard of people trying to diet that way and of some ridiculous thing people pray for. You must fast with a prepared heart and for the right reasons.

I tried once in desperation to do a three day total one, well maybe water. I couldn’t do it. I made it with slice of bread and a glass of grape juice. I needed a lot of Communion. You won’t read it in the Bible but Esther’s maids had to help her before the, If I perish speech. Fasting is a big deal. It will strengthen you spiritually, even mentally, especially, if you pray in the Spirit.

There is a reason Jesus talks about putting new wine, the Holy Spirit, into new wineskins. So of us, with our old baggage would leak like a sieve. But Jesus calls us, redeems and purifies us before giving His Spirit. At salvation, of course, but there is a subsequent baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t think so, read how people had not heard of the Holy Spirit, and were asked how they were baptized, they reply with John’s baptism.

He tells the disciples they will fast, they had a lot to learn. We aren’t any different. There is also a passage that says some demons come out only by prayer and fasting. Fast appears italicized, suggesting it was added by translators. But fasting does move the spiritual realm, and I don’t doubt that that is true, whether His exact words or not.

Over the past nine months, I have participated in three, I’m doing one now. It has been so much easier. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. I did a 21 day, and added  onto it to be 40. This one is 40 days for Lent. Purim is March 11th commemorating Esther’s, such a time as this over Haman, which save the Jews.

I decided to not eat until 3 every afternoon, because Jesus was crucified then and gave up His Spirit. It has not been hard. Oh, I stared at a bag of Doritos, I a rumbly stomach on occasion, but no headaches, no crabiness. And I didn’t ask anything, I told Him I did it for love and that’s all. He could do what He wanted to do.

Some people give up coffee, others desserts, or social media  It is a fast, It should hurt a little. Give up a shopping day, that doughnut or  stash of snacks. You know the one. I had a day whn my mother brought me a burger, it was before three. So I ate it and told the Lord I would swap Pinterest time. He’s patient, flexible, He understands. He knows our hearts better than we do. So go ahead, fast.

One day a week, one week a month, 21 days, 40. Start slow and plan it out. I hope you do well. Rebecca Jones


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