A Time To Heal


I wanted to add some healing posts to my blog to encourage anyone who needs healing of any kind. There is power in prayer and healing in Jesus. From personal experience, let me tell you about a mistake that a lot of people make.  They don’t take time to heal. I know that that sounds simple enough, a sort of pat answer.

Far from it, I can almost hear the comments I’d get if speaking to an audience. The  hospital let me go. I have to get back to work. Just so many sick days, maternity time and I will address that. If you have a headache or even flus or viruses, they run their course. The chronic migraine and TMJ, that I suffered, which was worse after dental work was a lot more intense.

A broken leg will heal in six weeks, I broke an ankle on my 35th birthday. I was in a wheelchair, I returned it the next day.  I could not manage crutches, that foot was prayed for, I had a walking moon boot and it was off in two. Faith moved that mountain for me. I was never one who was not going to walk even with pain from scoliosis. Even though I couldn’t manage the mall anymore or even drive for a while. I would not give in. I am walking in a lot more healing every day.

I was taught you could walk in divine health. But I thought going to the doctor, even for something minor was a lack of faith. That was foolish. Jesus knew I had faith and I believed in healing and miracles. I never even realized until recently that Jesus acknowledged doctors when He said people needed them. I thought that was unbelieving people and I had great faith. Wrong. Take care of yourself, go to the doctor, take medicine, but speak your faith too. That’s how I went the wrong way. Let’s go the right one. This is a fallen world and attacks do come. The enemy will hit you lots of ways and you have to be on guard. Sometimes, it’s two or three things, if you’re a firm believer four or five. Oh, he has heard your prayers, he knows your limits, so you have to too. And he’s terrified you’ll know what he’s up to, so ask the Lord. There are germs and things from the atmosphere and other people, but there is also demonic attacks.

And that is a major ploy to wear out the saints. Maybe, you don’t even consider yourself one, but as a believer in Jesus you are and he can’t get past that blood. However, he will go after the flesh, and your mind, which is part of your soul, is also flesh. How many older people who are already weak fall and break something, have a stroke, are paralyzed, bedridden and die. Yes, there are patterns and cycles and seasons, he moves in when we are vilnerable. Isn’t that awful to have one thing, then another?  And another? Watch out for meaningful dates as well, they are also targets. I don’t have permission to relay a story, so I’ll just say this…you went through a bad time on this day, and say three years later, someone wants you to endure this same bad thing on the anniversary? It’s like salt in wounds.

Let’s say you had major surgery and go home. A long hospital stay make you wants to get and go, take it easy, take it slow. Major illnesses or trauma need time to recover, no matter what the doctor says. Jesus even said get her up and feed her, after raising a girl from the dead. He’d didn’t say, have her fix me dinner. Peter’s mother law could do it, she only had a fever.

And I was taught to bind the spirit of trauma, and that most diseases and even wickedness are demons with named attached, and that can be true. His name is above them all and we are entitled to use it. His name is above cancer, even anger and hate. We must learn to discern and walk in the authority we have, but it can be a process and one that will burn you out in your own life or as an intercessor, minister , or even blogger. The desire to help can be powerful, I minimzed and trivialized that for years, not to look good or to holier than thou, but because I thought I could deal with it, but I needed prayer too, I needed rest,too.

So you know yourself better than I do, Jesus knows you better than that. I get more sleep, and still get more done. I give Him first and last place everyday. I know when to say when. I will tell people no, in polite ways or no uncertain terms if need be. I won’t go down the road I was on. If you’re not here to help, you won’t be able to help anyone.

Are you out of ICU, get back into the Intensive Christ Unit. Take a few extra days off, even if you budget a way. If it’s not possible, take a nap, go to sleep early. Give yourself a peaceful outlet, classical music, a warm bath. It is important to slow down, God does not give you diseases to teach you lesson, He’s got a Bible for that and ministers and people like me who care. But He will slow you down.

And above all guard your heart and mind. Fill it with His healing words. Take comfort in someone reading to you, I love that. Better still ask Him to guard your heart and mind, and even mouth. Learn not to speak death but life, it is in your tongue. Let the fruit of yur lips be praise, call yourself well by faith, even if you’re not. It’s your life. Nourish it, cherish it, respect His sacrifice and He will heal it.

The mind as part of the soul does need to learn to let your spirit, or the Holy Spirit rule. Sometimes I just have to get out of His way and go lie down. Often, I hear that still small voice, ” You’ve done enough today or just a whisper, rest. ” It’s the middle of the night when I’m writing, He put it on my heart for yours. It’s okay too because I can sleep in.

If you are tired, you can worry, fear or grieve. And in reverse those things can make you tired. It is a vicious cycle. Schedule things if necessary.  Lose unimportant little things that don’t matter. I used to keep house on a routine. Now, I just keep house. I used to cook dinner a lot, now I like those one pot means, like soup or chili. You will find what works.

And you don’t want to push anyone too hard about healing. Everyone has different levels of faith. Communion is good to take daily. You can lay hands on people if it’s alright with them and if the Lord leads you and you are a believer. Don’t let just anyone do this or even give you Communion. As a believer, Jesus calls us kings and priests so we can take it ourselves and without fear if we know we are repentant and not willingly sinning.

I don’t say that to scare anyone but there are things to be cautious of. I have been prayed for by well meaning people and they knew nothing about healing, I actually felt like I was losing it at times. Make no mistake there is an adversary, accuser, the liar. We wrestle not against flesh and blood and there may be times, He will open your spiritual eyes to this by dreams or visions. The Holy Spirit is good about that, He works with you, not against you.

So people with deep depression and serious mental illnesses might not understand how the Holy Spirit works. If someone needs help counseling or medical attention get it. Know your limit but don’t limit God, nothing is too hard for Him. If you can pray in the Spirit do so, that’s a refresher, and regularly so not to give the enemy a place. he told the leper He was willing to heal, so I believe it is His will and we have to will it too, and defeat that enemy with His help. Looking back, I’m sure when I was learning the Word, I probably did just will myself well, because I had no idea what it really meant to be a living sacrifice.

If you can give someone a break, if you’re the boss, send someone home early. Take neighbor a casserole, watch their children. Give a new mother time to sleep, don’t assume that young people are immune. I know if you love Jesus and He loves you, you can think of ways to help someone, and if something I say helps you pass it on. Check it out by the Word and share it.

Remember to speak peace to your body, His peace, His rest, and peace to the body of Christ. Blessings and health to the flesh. And remember, He’s the Great Physician. Rebecca Jones / my pixa



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