On My Knees


I’ll never forget a day when I was about twenty four, I was on my knees, begging the Holy Spirit not to leave me. I had a lot on my plate as a Christian then and didn’t even know it. I wanted to do one thing and sort of leave another. And there was nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all because had I been successful the other thing I left would have also benefited.

On my knees, in the floor, under a side table. I was being tugged at by Jesus, tormented by the enemy. I chose to follow Jesus. And I had been since I was eleven. I had a passion for Jesus, though I wasn’t in church all the time. I prayed, I read and I talked to people about Him. My mother walked in and asked what I was doing, I probably said nothing or that I was looking for something. I don’t even think I got it all that day, but I was on my way.

I just never figured out why things didn’t work out for me. I  had to learn about the enemy whether I wanted to or not. It is like mortal combat, but then when you learn to rest and let Jesus fight your battles, that He is the one who finished the work, gave us authority, and bought us victory in His blood, you get it.

I can tell you I almost worried myself to death, grieved myself to death, panicked myself to death. I was suffering spirit and in soul and body. I was very oppressed.  I learned you had to give yourself to God an offering, the living sacrifice like He said. And that’s why no matter what I knew, prayed or confessed, the devil put obstacles in the way, delayed answers, walked off with blessings. I had to purpose and determine that my heart would hang on, for Jesus,  look what He hung on for me.

There have been many prayers and tears, I have been on my knees, I have been where I couldn’t get on them without a pillow or not at all. But even if I had to sit down put my face in the pillows or whatever I had to do, I prayed. There is power in prayer, power in His name and power in His blood.

That is how I get through, the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. It is one of powerful love, grace and healing. And I know there’s Jesus in Isaiah 53, the ever present, omnipresent healer, and that He’s as near as my heart. I don’t even have to crawl under tables anymore, I just pray. Power, Love, Sound Mind…I find it on my knees. Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy Jaci Velasquez


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