The Gentle Healer


I wanted to write a post about healing, I know there are some throughout the blog. It is important to keep our focus on Jesus. I know now that I was so busy studying other things, that although I believed in divine healing and miracles and always expected healing, my focus was on the study.

When I first learned about faith and healing. I heard about fear. I had seen it literally plague people and I had my share thrown at me too. Leter, I was studying things like generational curses, and even prophecy. I was interested in intercession and gifts of the Spirit, but never fully practiced them or embraced them on a regular basis. I wasn’t healed, in fact, I was worse, because I had lost my focus.

The enemy will do that if you let him. And he can make you think tou still have problems you don’t. There is a word for every device, an antidote, if you will to the snake bites and poisonous darts. It is love. Sometimes, we think we afraid but we know that the Psalm says, He deivered us from all fears. We know Psalm 91. We know Isaiah 53.

What he doesn’t want us to know is Isaiah 54:17, that requires you to say out loud, and declare that you are the righteousness of God in Jesus, and then, and only then wil fear, terror and torment be far from you. If it comes back, repeat. But as as believer you have the authority over it, and you’ll be surprised how brave you can be when the need arises to for loved ones. It is common to speak death, we must learn to speak life and love.

If you can ever see healing in the past tense. I was this or I was that. I was blind but now I see, literally and spritually. Use your holy imagination to see yourself walk, see hear, hold ababy you’re not supposed to have, celebrate a birthday the doctor says you won’t be here for. See yourself the way God does.

He calls things to life. You will have doubters, people may accuse you of lying. You don’t have to share your prayers or confession with everyone or be ashamed of the gospel either. Have like minded, Christ minded people to pray with and just let the scoffers go, They may end up asking you to pray for them.

Jesus should not have even touched a leper under the law. When asked was He willing to heal, His reply was, ” I am willing. ” The beloved Son of God, the same  I AM from the burning bush, ” I AM willing. ” The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the Aleph and Tav, the Father and the cross. His blood on a cross was infinitely more powerful than that of lambs and yet a lamb’s blood on a doorpost kept away darkness and death at Passover.

I made a big mistake trying to have great faith, I was disqulifying myself. I thought I had to have faith to move mountains but I had Jesus who I had faith in moving the mountains for me as I learned and obeyed His words. When I got tired of professing and confessing and studying, I could not hold onto my faith at all. Even if I was holding a miracle in my hand, and I was being taught hard faith, I simply could not do it. My focus was back on me trying.He had alrady done it. My focus was on pain and back to studying.

And then one day I got it, I heard a minister explain disqulifying yourself. He admitted preached hard faith. Don’t let anyone do that to you, He knows the sincerity of your heart. And the he prayed over a crowd, ” Receive your healing, receive your miracle, and receive your peace. ” And years of opprssion rolled off.

Maybe not everyone can control their mouth even with the Holy Spirit, I don’t know, they could if they stepped aside from that stubborn free will and let Jesus in. But healing isn’t hard fora genle healer, all He has to say is Talitha Cumi, to a twelve year old, and she comes back to life, and that even after the power or virtue, the dunamis had gone out of Him to heal a woman who risked her life by even being in public to touvh the hem of His garment.

Healing isn’t hard for a gentle healer, a broken heart healer, sometimes there is pain from healing emotion and physical, but other than that all pain is from the wicked one. And was defeated, by Jesus, arms outstretched and hands down. Gentleness and love, Jesus wins everytime. Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy Michael Card’s Gentle Healer and Bruce Marchiano  as Jesus, one of the best, from the Matthew series, if you get to see it. He’s wonderful in it.





2 thoughts on “The Gentle Healer

  1. I love Michael Card’s song “GentleHealer.” ” I thought I had to have faith to move mountains but I had Jesus who I had faith in moving the mountains for me as I learned and obeyed His words.” I think we all forget sometimes that we have Jesus, who does meet our needs in his timing.


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