My Father, The King


Growing up I never really thought of myself as a princess, though I suppose it was a thought in the back of my head. I was waiting for the Prince of Peace to swoop in and save me though before any of my dreams would come true. When your father walks out on you as a child it leaves a hole. Even if you don’t feel it until you are thirty. Even if you end up with a stepfather, grandther or uncle or some strong Christian man in your like , even a pastor or teacher. It is a harm that was done than only the Lord can fill.

I had to have the void filled But I had to keep opening my heart to let it be filled. I had to keep my mind opened to His words, not everyone’s else’s opinion or even my own. Whether you are a skinny stick in the mud or the chubby ballerina that get into class,  if you’ve been turned down by the choir, missed out at piano recitals, or been embarrassed or afraid, this post is for you and me. He loves you.

I have really had to sow these thoughts into my head and heart.

The King will desire my (inner) beauty. Because He is my Lord, I bow down to Him. Psalm 45:11

I am favored in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6

 I am loved with an everlasting love! Jeremiah 33:3
I am God’s workmanship! Ephesians 2:10
I have His peace. John 14:27
I made a Pinterest board with these and many other Affirmations of Faith, which is the title.  Go ahead and write you own, begin to see yourself as God sees and loves you and He will start even now to wipe away the tears. Rebecca Jones /pixabay
After all, I am really a daughter of the King.

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