Anchor of the Soul


Although, I had themes for the first two months of 2017, March will go with the flow and somehow I found myself writing about ships. So let’s take a look at our verse and go from there.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. Hebrews 6:19

You can read the Bible and gloss right over important things. That’s why it always a good idea to as the Holy Spirit to study and read with you, as a believer, He is you teacher, a gift from God.

It appears we have hope as anchor of the soul. But what hope. We have to read the preceding verses to know the whole context. God’s promises are good. They do not change. He will not break them. Why? Because thaere are two immutable things He swears or affirms by, the blood and body of Jesus, even Holy Communion. There is nothing higher He could swear, affirm or even promise by. God cannot lie.

That is the hope we have. That Jesus is now our High Priest. We can go to Him in prayer, no offering of sacrifice, obedience is better. Oh, sometimes, you make have to make a sacrifice of praise, when you’d rather be down. You will sacrifice time to spend in the Word. But these are to be counted joy, even it’s a trial. Your faith grows as you remember His promises.

He’s our anchor, our ship won’t sink. We can walk on water, if we focus on Him and not look at our storms. What a beautiful metaphor. No matter how choppy or turbulent, Jesus can calm it if we look to Him.

The Prince of Peace gives peace. He is our peace. He slept through a storm. He calms every one of them if you let Him. Jesus says, Peace, be still and even the wind and waves obey Him. Don’t you think if we agree with His words, that He will calm our storms as well, and remember that one was caused by demonic forces, who would have destroyed Him and all the disciples.

Jesus was crossing the sea, and about to encounter the madman witha legion of demons. Could it be that Jesus heard the faintest cry of that man’s heart and tormented soul? He can come to us in any storm, no matter how small or great, the greater one is here, in us and He is greater than he who is the world.

He went behind the veil or curtain, our heart is His mercy seat, see why He said the Kingdom of God was in us? Jesus, pure light, life and love. He is the anchor of our soul, sure and steadfast, we can count on Him. Rebecca Jones / rawpixel


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