God’s Treasure



We are God’s treasure, His Masterpiece. We are His workmanship, just as much as the stars or sea. And I love treasure hunts, whether it is scavenging the sea floor on a history program or rummaging through an antique shop or estate sale, or finding treasure in the attic like above, we’re all looking for treasure and to be treasured.

God knows the desires of out heart because if we are believer who takes delight in Him, remainsin His love, He puts them there. He gives us the desires of our heart because they are the desires He has for us. Unfortunately, many, if not most of us fail to recognize the Holy Spirit’s leading, the enemy is deceptive.

It is easy to become enthusiastic over making lots of money, becoming popular or winning the certain guy or girl. Sometimes, we put our emotion and ideas ahead of God. If we do thing our way, we fail. If we rest in His promises, He delivers better than the postal service. His timing is perfect.

It is very possible to have money, the love of your life and a treasure marriage home and family. We find treasure isn Jesus, in His words, His parables, His peace. The Bible is full of promises, nuggets of gold gleaned from the pages. Handfuls left on purpose left by Jesus, just as Boaz left grain for Ruth.

Jesus left grains of truth, not that they are half truths or anything, for God cannot lie. He is the truth, He gives us the Spirit of Truth. These grains are seeds, sown by the sower, we must have teachable heart. We down want these blown away by ill winds of the destroyer. Nor dug up or falling into thorns and rocks.

Sometimes we have to dig for treasure. Search the Scriptures. seach your souls. You will fing the treasure He has put inside of you. You may be gold refined in the fire. But you will make it through if you trust Him. You are a masterpiece.

God loves us. He is perfect love. Don’t let the lies of greed, envy or jealousy hinder you. God has enough love for everyone, enough good works for everyone to do. He can and will provide, if you walk in His ways. You don’t need a map with and X, you have a Bible with a cross.

Look up who you are in Christ, believe He treasures you, delights in you, that you are beloved. Where your treasure is there’s where you heart is. Your treasures are hidden in Christ. Rebecca Jones /Phpo…Ashton Mullins /Unsplash, thank you.


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