A Merchant Ship


Well, the wise man Solomon wrote about women in Proverbs. He wasn’t actually so wise though, he was a polygamist against God’s advice. He had so many women around though and Bathsheeba, his mother threw in some insight that he wrote Proverbs describing wisdom  as a woman an in chapter 5, a merchant ship. I read a beautiful account and wrote my own on Beautiful Bible Women, another blog, but I could resist putting another here. Here’s what she might say.

The merchant ship is like a mother and ships have pilots or captains. A lot of ships are named for women. God is not our co pilot or we’re in the wrong seat. He has the helm of our hearts. As believer, I follow Jesus as the bright and Morning Star, He alone is my moral and spiritual compass. Compasses point north. Sailors follow the north star. God’s throne is in the north.

Ships are importers of cargo, I search for goods, and a fair price. So I am an excellent shopper. I look for savings but am charitable. I know how to abound and to make do.

I take precious cargo from other lands and transport it. I strive to bring heaven into my home, marriage and children. I am always taking them places. Like a sturdy merchant ship, I weather all the storms and expect divine intervention and angelic protection when the moral and spiritual ill winds blow.

Ships are well stocked and I keep my home supplied and offer care and comfort. I can take on passengers if necessary.I encourage my family. I head for the harbor which is my Lord for safety in times of need or peril.

And lastly, the merchant ship keeps nothing for herself, but her cargo belongs to others. That’s right. She gives all she has and everything is drawn from her hold. He sails may be beaten down. And when she is listing, empty, and begins sway against the tide, the Lord is there to fill her again with the wind of His Spirit, the taste of his goodness and she sets sail until there is another voyage completed.

She is a chosen vessel, a vessel of honor. A home is a home sweet home if it’s queen is a woman after God’s own heart. Rebecca Jones /Unsplash



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