Safe Harbor



What a blessing was that stillness as He brought them safely into harbor! Psalm 107:30

I’ve always liked boats, not that I’ve been out there a lot. I’m certainly not a seasoned sailor, but I like the idea of the open sky and the blue water and the spray of the sea. And I like the drifting calm, the wind that whips the sail, the warms of the sun. I like the idea of a picnic on deck and just a quiet afternon of solace. Of course, I like bigger boats. I’m not a swimmer, not really into fishing anymore and I don’t like being in danger. I don’t plan on surfing, although I like to watch fish, I probably wouldn’t dive either.

I have no desire to meet anything that would rock the boat. I love the treasure hunting and mine would have to be along the beach, and in His Word, not out of fear but choice. It’s funny to think how long people have been building ships.Way back in Old Testament there is mention of going to sea in ships. It is so likely that America was visited earlier than we know.

If you pay close attention to the Hebrew language, it has a lot of words that sound like languages we know. Though we know about John Smith, Pocahonatas and Christopher Columbus, did you know artifacts with Hebrew have been found in Tennessee. Some others were found to be fake.  Hebrew has inflections that sound a lot like Native American languages. The ancient people made their way around the world in ship. There has been so much vioence and bloodshed both at sea and on land, wrongs on both sides.

Just as the African American slaves were brought over by cruel men and the bodies of the dead thrown into what we know as the devil’s triangle. Is there any wonder that the world is filled with hatred and violence? People will sell their own people for any number of reasons and it goes on today. There is so much history to be explored and hopefully, not repeated.

Of course, we know how Jonah ran away from His calling and was tossed from the boat. He was litterally dead as a sign of Jesus coming, the fish or whale swalled him and spat him out and he was obedient. We should not need that kind of experience to fall in line. The Apostle Paul was another traveller, he was even shipwrecked and snake bitten, not exactly a Carnival cruise. And our beloved Jesus was always out on the water. He even slept through storms, I long for that kind of peace.

There is a saying about any old port in a storm but I disagree. Jesus is my rock, my refuge, my anchor. And it is a blessing when He brings you safely through the storm. He can and will be a beacon in the night. He is the lighthouse that shows the way. He gives us protection as a part of the plan of salvation. He is the port we want to rest our anchor in, in any storm or wind blown trial of life, and He will set us a drift again on a sea of calm, the Holy Spirit, the wind in our sails. He is the only safe harbor. Rebecca Jones /Photo…Unsplash, Avi Richards, thank you.

Crystal Storms


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