Heart Full of Love


What is a heart full of love anyway? What’s love got to do with it? Most people have a limited idea of love. But there are three definite words that are translated love in the Bible. Eros, of course, can have a bad side, but it is also a very intimate and spiritual love.

Phileo, is more common, like friend. Peter never got to agape when Jesus asked him if he loved Him to feed His sheep, and finally lambs. Jesus was getting more loving, Peter stayed at friendship. People throw the word around all the time. You can love sweets, clothes and vacations, lots of things.

But God’s love is deeper, agape, the best and deepest and most intimate of all, perfect love, the only thing that casts fear aside. He loves regardless, even when we were sinners, He chose to send His beloved Son. I used to think I probably wouldn’t have done it. Now I find myself forgiving bitter words and snipes quickly so they to not become weeds in my heart’s garden.

God is love, He doesn’t have it. He is it. You can eat an apple, a love it, or a peach or banana. Yet, toss away the peeling or core. Do you love, superficially, or artificially, like so many relationships? Love and throw them away, get a new one. What is this friends with beneifits nonsense?

Do people not recognize or realize that they hurt people? Do they not even care? Maybe, non Christians. But Christians, they do it too.  So taunting and bullying is not just in the schools, social media or mainstream, it is also in the church.

The sooner believers begin to recognize that and deal with it and prune and weed, because He is the vine. We will bear much fruit and the grapes would hang heavy in the fields of harvest and the fruit of our lips would praise and the new wine ofthe Holy Spirit would pour forth into new wineskins and there would be rejoicing in heaven over souls being saved.

Search you heart, how do you love. Are you intimate with the Lord? Or is He a friend? Or have you left your fisrt love, tossed Him aside like so much old fruit in favor of the change tha people embrace. It is time to change for the better in Jesus, and once again embrace His amazing grace. Rebecca Jones

Who’s Guarding Your Heart?

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We are all famiiar with Proverbs 4:23.  Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. This is, of course, but one translation but a good one. Everything ffects our heart, whethere we realize it or not. Every hurt,every disappointment, every sorrow.

That’s why, like the children’s song says we need to, ” Give your heart to Jesus. ” Let Him be the guardian of it. Let His peace surround it.  For if we are truly His, we are His child, and we are tender hearted. Children cry for lots of reasons, hungry, needing a change, usually baby reasons. But toddlers and so called littles, can turn on and off the water works. Sometimes, it a tantrum, overtired, frustration, the so called growing pains. And just to be a brat, they don’t even need a reason.

We are children of the Most High God. We should be above that. Far above, like Ruby Women. But there is still pettiness and strife and hurt in body of Christ. So many are walking wounded, walking broken hearts, disillusioned with ministers and ministries and Christ. Tares were sown in, and somehow wound their way into what we are suppossed to be rooted and grounded in.

If you pull up weeds you can tear out the flowers. If you don’t cut them back, ask Jesus to prune you as He will, you can be gnarled and tangled in messes of your own making or attacks and cruelties of others. It is necessary to keep and eye on your heart. More importantly, to let God guard it with the peace Jesus left us.

Roses are lovely and yet have thorns, jesus was altogether lovely, and wore thorns, willing for us.  We all have things that bedevil and bedraggle us, thorns in the fless. That is why we must walk in the Spirit. For the greater one is in us, to both guard and garden our hearts.

He alone is love personified. And He alone is worthy of all praise. The creator of heaven and earth, the lover of our soul, makes things new and beautiful, and He’s always on guard, He will separate tares from wheat. We can bloom into beauties, full of color and strong and sturdy in winds of adversity. Let Jesus guard your heart, and mind. Rebecca Jones

God’s Valentine


I wrote a poem for my mother in 2003, called Valentine from God. It was about the crucifixion. That’s not exactly flowers or a box of dark chocolate truffles or even perfume but it is a fragrant reminder of God’s love. What was a horrible suffering became an aroma of sweetness to God.

Indeed, Jesus entered hell and recovered the keys, before being raised. He was every kind of offering, including burnt. Certain fragrances were thrown into the offerings and they went up before God. That happened morning and night in the Temple, day after day. But Jesus, once and for all. That’s it. It was finished forever.

As a believer, we receive His grace and mercy. That is why it is so important to walk in love and stay in communion with His precious Holy Spirit. It is by grace we are saved. We can’t do anything. Grace and truth were ushered in by Jesus.

God gave us the perfect Valentine, when I knew nothing about that sort of thing. I was still so enamored with the Lord as to write that poem. I have always been in love with Jesus. I could not bear the thought of that sacrifice, made for me. I conveniently glossed over Levitcus and some other passage.

Jesus was the sweetest man ever, the Lamb of God, like the little Passover lamb. pure and spotless. And both were offered for sin. And the aroma of sacrifice pleased God because He so loved us that He wanted to redeem us even if it meant sending His Son.

Those offerings weren’t enough, only Jesus was and He took so much. Please understand how dear this sacrifice was to God, how much it hurt to make it. It was the only one sufficient. So as we have our fill of goodies, the nice romantic dinners, look lovingly at our roses, and as we are enthralled by our gifts. Let’s remember our perfect and best gift ever. He did it willingly for us. So let’s be God’s Valentine, now and always. He gave us our Valentine from God, Jesus. Rebecca Jones

Of course, I know it was was yesterday, but maybe some plans are for the weekend. Either way, I hope Vaentine’s Day was memorable.



Tender Hearted



Ephesians 4:32 tells us to be kind, tender hearted…forgiving. But what does that mean, really. Me? I could cry at the drop of a hat. I’m sensitive, but I have to be strong in the Lord or that works against me if I let people’s anger, spite or bitterness, or any unkind words into my heart. So tenderhearted is loving, it is babies and puppies and butterflies.

But while it is compassion, concern, it is also wisdom and diiscern. When to speak those kind words and when to walks away from a toxic conversation. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 13 — The Love Chapter, in a clear English Standard translation. And the n my take on it.

1If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,a but have not love, I gain nothing.

4Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;b 6it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

8Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 11When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 12For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

13So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Do you speak in tongues? Or know someone who does? It is a powerful gift. And you can still pray that way and not be walking in love with someone. It’s true, I see it all the time. You’re just a noise. ( That’s why people will tune out preachers. ) Do you have the gift of prophecy? I do. I used it the other day. A lady sent me a picture of herself and her grandson on her birthday. Naturally, she was proud of him and asked if I thought he was handsome. I was about to kid her but found myself typing that he was God’s precious gift to the right girl, to wait for her. it’s just Jesus.

I have alot more Bible wisdom and understanding thanks to the Holy Spirit. No matter how smart you are, someone is smarter. We are not in competition. We are in Christ. If we are competing, we are not in love. We are nothing and nothing without Him anyway. Even if you can move moutains with your faith, nothing.

Have you ever read Foxes book of Martyrs? Not a coffee table book. Being crucified is horrible. Being imapled is horrible, put on a stake and covered in pitch, and used a torch at a banquet, unthinkable.  If you submitted yourself to this, and had no love, it’s meaningless. If Jesus had died and not out of love to save us, it would have been useless, thankfully, we know better but many do not see Him as Savior, or the Son of God, only as a teacher or prophet, perhaps. You would gain nothing, but Jesus overcame so we would, He gave up everything so we gain everything.

The rich young ruler came to Jesus and He posed to him this very question. Giving away everything. Zaccheus was a sinner, a crooked tax collecter was eager to make amends. But this man boasted in himself about his abilities. He was sorrowful, Jesus didn’t necessarily want him to give up his wealth but His pretense of self righteousness. He was counting his own love, not God’s. Make no mistake Jesus is referring to Himself here, giving away all He had, heaven, giving His body to be burned, He went to hell and retrieved the keys, God raised Him from the dead. And when I  say Jesus, Paul was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus and Jesus spoke to him about persecuting Christians, so as the writer of 1st Corinthians, the Holy Spirit is giving him Jesus words here.

Many people are told to put their own name in here and uses it as a confession, not a bad idea. But we are supposed to be like Jesus. Do we look like Him?

Jesus is patient and kind; Jesus does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. Jesus does not insist on His  own way, He gives us a choice. Jesus is not irritable or resentful. Jesus does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Jesus bore all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends. Jesus never ends, He is Alpha and Omega, love eternal.

Love is not impatient nor unkind, never envious, God has the best for you, boast about Jesus, not arrogant but confident in Jesus. Love is not crude or rude, does not resent correction or direction or being called on to do His works prepared for you. Love is not happy to see someone getting his just desserts. Love will not lie. Love will beareverything by His grace, believe hope and endure, try as the enemy may to destroy you.

Love, my interpretation, is not snide, snippy, smart alec or know it all. Love will not shame you belittle you or degrade you, It will not embarrass or humiliate you, especially, in public. There is so much more to Jesus love than we know.

Prophecies, will pass away, many prophetic words are not fulfilled by a person not recieving. I know a lady who had prayer, and told that she was being given a new set of lungs, from a word of knowledge or vision, but she died. She did not hold tight to that promise, she could have received love and healing. So many people are not familiar with how spiritual gifts work. She really needed to believe for herself, for others to stand in faith with her, she lost her battle, a battle that should have and could have been the Lord’s.

Tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. He is talking about the Holy Spirit and gifts but none of us are perfect as Jesus is, though we have many gifts. He’s the perfect one. Unless we can fully rely on Him, we are only a glimmer of His perfection. He illuminates our spirits, the more we seek Him and grow in Him, and trust Him, but one day, perfection will come in the person of Jesus.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, ( or woman ) I gave up childish ways. How many grown ups do we see that are still childish? Teenaged toddlers? Grown men acting like frat boys, girls going crazy? God created humor, not filth. Fun not foolishness. Do any of us really know all that much? Or are we just bratty litttle chidren wanting to do it our way? When we get to heaven, we can’t be singing I did it My Way, we should be sing Lord, Have Your Way iin Me!!!

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

And I know you check yourself out, lipstick, liner smudges. Reach for that brush, one more spray of perfume. In every glass you pass during the day, do you see Jesus? If you don’t like what you see? Take another look. He sees you. He’s not looking at your outward appearance but at your heart.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. The greatest of these is Jesus.

Happy Valentines Day!   2293e634-aa6f-4840-ad32-06ecceadcf97.jpg:  

Heart of Unbelief


Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God. Hebrews 3:12

I know this is a strange topic for a month of love. But I was just researching and doing word studies. The Bible clearly calls  unbelief, evil or wicked. I encourage readers to compare translations.

I was wondering how some people can go from loving to uncaring or complacent, either in their family life, raising children, marriage or walk with Christ. It is like their love grows cold. Maybe, just lukewarm.

I have heard fellow Christians, say they didn’t care, or that they even considered someone dead to them. That’s horrible. In anger, i have said things we all have, but my heart is quickly nudged and I’m repentant, this vitriol was made with no remorse. How does that happen?

People do speak from the heart. They have stewed and simmered in anger, lost touch with someone, whether the perceived hurt was real or not. It’s on their minds, in their wicked heart and spews out their mouths, even believers.

You can still be saved and not have your spirit or tongue under control. If you read the fruit of the spirit list closely, it starts with love and ends with self control. God gives free will and free speech, though the Bible is full of wisdom on that topic, controlling your own tongue is impossible without the Holy Spirit’s help.

So that is how a hear can become wicked, evil, or twisted. The Lord refers to the devil as the wicked one. He twists the Word, read carefully how he questions Jesus’authority, God has just referred to Him as beloved Son of God, the devil will not remind Him of that, he knows which knife to jab you with, just where to stick it. Tell him to get lost. Ignore him, know the Word and have the Holy Spirit as your Advocate when the Adversary accuses. Submit to God, self control, he will flee. Don’t stay angry, Jesus taught forgiveness.

Doubt is one thing, everyone has questions.You must learn to walk in the Spirit, to hear and discern His voice. But when you are unwilling to forgive, you are blinded by the unbelief, the same if true of healing, gifts of the Spirit. Fear will blind and cripple you and it can lead to a wicked heart, turning from the living God. Don’t do that, turn to Him. And Jesus never used the word dead, even in the story of Elisha, the boy’s mother, said he was well, knowing he was dead, but still believe the prophet’s prayer could restore his life, and it did. So don’t consider people dead.

Valentine’s Day is a good day to examine our hearts, are they just blowing hot or cold? Wicked, evil or full of love for others as Jesus taught, exemplified by being crucified, and also commanded. Rebecca Jones

…As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you. Remain in My love. If you keep My commandment, you will remain in my love just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remained in His love. I have told you these things so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.…of full. John 15:9,10,11




Heavy Hearted

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As one that takes off a garment in cold weather, and as vinegar upon soda, So is he that sing songs to a heavy heart. Proverbs 25:20

Sometimes, I used to wonder what was wrong with me. My mother would ask and I replied I didn’t know. I believed in Jesus, in healing. I prayed. But i never knew as much until I really turned over my life to the Holy Spirit, who really teaches you.

I didn’t understand the gifts of the spirit. I had no knowledge of God’s plan for my life even though I was on the right track. I didn’t know how much had been stolen by the enemy.

I know now that I had a heavy heart. I had a grieving for the things I was missing in God’s plan. I hated to see happy people. Not that I was begrudged it, but why wasn’t I? I knew the joy of the Lord. I sang, praised and worshiped. Mostly at home.

I sometimes interjected my life into other peoples, sort of living vicariously. Somewhat like writing, I wanted to do things and see places. I felt I was missing out due to physical pain that I was believing God to heal. But look a little deeper still. I prayed to break any unnatural soul ties, I forgave those that hurt me.

I did everything I knew to do prayed all I needed to pray, gradually, I had to accept the love a Father, that I had never really known. I could not even fathom the beauty and depth of the sacrifice of His beloved Son. I was focused on myself and whether I was doing the right thing, I was looking away from the most tender heart of all, and it was weighing heavily on mine. It was grieving the Holy Spirit in me, it was unbearable.

It was gut wrenching and heart breaking. All this time, He was right beside me. Waiting for me to turn to Him, to love Him, to ask Him to, talk to Him, to love Him, and more than that to let Him love me.

This Valentine’s Day, if you are alone or lonely or even if you have a great life, look to the one who really loves you. Rebecca Jones

Heal The Broken Hearted

14d4a88847b9ad69e7014c1265ef5f71   Hassidic tradition says A disciple asks the rebbe: or rabbi, “Why does the Torah tell us to ‘place these words upon your hearts’? Why does it not tell us to place these holy words in our hearts?” The rebbe answers: “It is because as we are, our hearts are closed, and we cannot place the holy words in our hearts. So we place them on top of our hearts. And there they stay until, one day, the heart breaks and words fall in. Parker J. Palmer in his book, Healing the Heart of Democracy::

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. Isaiah 61:1

This is the verse that Jesus quotes in the Gospels, He proclaims Himself anointed of God. He reads this from Book of Isaiah. He declares what we all long to hear, the good news of the gospel.

The NIV says to release from darkness and that is an excellent translation. He is the only one in whom there is no darkness. 1 John 1:5 He is the light of the world. John 8:12 We are supposed to be change from darkness to light.

The entrance of His Word brings light. Psalm 119:130 Our spirit should be alive and set on fire by the Holy Spirit. Our hearts are indeed broken by sorrow, sadness, and the hurts inflicted on us by others. As we go on our way, they move on deeper into our heart or spirit, they build up layer after layer.

We can suppress trauma and childhood memories, divorce, even verbal assaults so deeply, they become internal, a part of us that is just broken, we limp through life with baggage. But the good news is that Jesus is the Healer of our brokenness. Because He is beautiful. Nothing compares to Him, nothing we could ever desire.

Jesus was the only one worthy, pure enough, to make the sacrifice and He did it out of love. He didn’t have too. He wanted us to have an eternal home with Him. He wanted our lives on earth to be better as well. He said, ” Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. ”

If you ever have any doubts of His love for you read Isaiah 53. If you can not comprehend that kind of love, you are not alone. If you can not love Him back, let Him love you, if you can’t do that either, then you will be a born again believer, who still walks in a measure of darkness. If you can’t accept Him at all, there is a hell and an outer darkness.

But all He wants is our love, our trust, give Him that and let Him be the anointed one, which is what Christ means. He will pour the oil of the Holy Spirit on you and you can rest in that love. He will heal your broken heart and lift you out of the darkest of places. Rebecca Jones

Nobody’s Child


Years ago I wrote an article about child abuse. It was for a fan club of a cop show produced in Canada. It was a small publication. I was hoping the friend would get on up there and meet the producers and I might get a script submitted.  It was titled Nobody’s Child. I had the opportunity to write for the columnist in the show.

Another failed script, was passed over by an agent, also about child abuse, though her lovely secretary passed the time with me while she was at a meeting. I did not realize where God was taking me as a writer. He was giving me a voice for women, and a voice for children. It was being rejected, but He changed that with the blog, and wherever He takes me, I know He will still have  this on my heart. I want to help you heal this Valentine’s Day.

I cannot conceive what some people have been through. And sadly, I know some who wear proudly their scars and use them to hurt others, as a crutch to hang on to drugs or alcohol, and to control others. But if you truly want to be delivered or healed, Jesus is there, close to you. Call out His name. Whisper Jesus into the darkest of nights and into your heart and soul. He will come and heal your broken heart.

You can be as beautiful as the girl in this picture, and walk around feeling like nobody’s child. Even if you have parents, it is a heart condition of the spiritual kind. It is a longing and loneliness for God. And you don’t even have to have had abusive parents. So imagine those who do.

Years of therapy will not even erase some scars. The depth of pain can be so profound, from grief, or death. The shuffling through the foster care system can be a nightmare, especially for troubled children who are put out at 18. The church is failing people with falsehoods about God, they need to be preaching Him as a loving and welcoming Father. People are desperate to hear that He loves them, unconditionally. And be able to discern the mentally ill and those who just will not believe or are not to willing change.

While even a sinner, He sent Jesus to die for them. People who have known little or no love will have trouble with that because they can’t believe it. So many believers are the same way, I still have trouble fathoming it with my experiences and writing ability to describe it. Mere words fail to display the Father’s infinite grace.

If you understand how much you are loved, you will want to do good, to behave, to love others. He will not have to beat a set or rules into you. You have a free will but if you are truly and deeply loved, and you know it, you will make better choices. For yourself and others.

Forgiveness begins the healing process, faith receives Jesus into a broken or lonely heart, or even welcomes Him to a believing heart. Let Him wash you with the pure water of the Word. Bathe you with the light of love. Warm you with gentleness, soothe you with a voice of kindness and song.

We all carry around baggage. Some more than others. It may be that you are told to get in touch with your inner child. But God wants you grow up in Him. You will always be His beloved child but He will walk you through the valleys and into higher hills. You can touch the clouds and soar.

Let Him heal your wounds. I have even dreamed that I died as a child, don’t let that throw you. You are growing up in Him. Don’t follow occult or deceptive practices of past lives, be very careful to have someone teach you God’s Word who is capable. It is important to be born again, ask God to give you the Holy Spirit as a teacher.

I never want to confuse anyone. So start with John 3:16, with the entire book of John. Seek out a good church, or at least a few believers to fellowship with. Ask God to give you direction, and wisdom, to help you grow and become a mature Christian.

Remember, He loves you. He is always there for you, He will not leave or forsake you, ever. But you must accept Him as Lord and Savior and you must have a teachable spirit and heart for God. You must learn to let go the past, to heal and present yourself  to God a living sacrifice and testament to His love.

You are not Nobody’s Child, if you accept Jesus as Lord you are His beloved son or daughter, forever, in His grace and mercy, forever, in His embrace. Rebecca Jones

*Scroll back to read about having an Orphan Heart.


A Graceful Heart

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It is good that the heart be established by grace…

Hebrews 13:9

Isn’t that great? I wish I’d truly understood grace before. Of course, I knew it was nothing I had done. I knew grace was a gift and not from works. And still I never understood that I was doing just that, working for my salvation and trying to get Jesus to heal me  because I knew He did and would.

You see, I was watching ministers and hearing about faith, and that faith came by hearing, about it moving mountains and a lot about what you said. I studied, I learned a lot, I was in more spiritual attacks. though all these a true statements. I never understood the depths of that love, and I had His love abiding in me. So I knew I could ask whatever… and He would do it. And of course, it was never anything contrary to His Word.

I am in no way debunking ministers, but they are human too. Sometimes, they miss it or maybe it’s just that I did. But I was studying so much, I was missing love. I had read 1 Corinthians 13. Still, thought I was not easily provoked, or at least most of the time, because I was conscious of what I said in faith, I was being provoked, offended, and just plain hurt and even by some things said by Christians and ministers. I know that are they to correct, but not to hurt.

The truth is grace is there every morning. Grace and truth are in the person of Jesus. He is alive in my heart and there to help at a moment’s notice. He is the love in me, the only love that matters or that can forgive, the hurtful and horrible, and heal any pain. Mine or yours.

The truth is that I was just never at rest, searching. Pursuing peace He had already left me. While it is truth that we must work for that rest, and that may seem ironic, it should not be so labor intensive. He calls us, the weary, heavy laden to come, He will give us rest.

When I finally heard a true grace message, fear, burdens, pain, years of labor and suffering began to melt and I was finally receiving from Him, the miracle He’s already intended to give me. A beautiful, wonderful, unopened gift with my name on it.

I should have been overjoyed but I wept uncontrollably, saddened at my losses from the wasted time.  Sadened by the loss of love, His love that never condemned me, never left me and was not getting through to me as I tried hard to be a strong woman of faith. I knew healing was supposed to be a past event that Isaiah look ahead and saw it and that 2 Peter 2:24 says were healed putting in the past tense.

I truly thought I was doing something wrong. I gave up on end times, and even to a point the big faith messages, though they are not wrong. I do feel that sometimes, though people get to a point of waiting, and so used to waiting, and can get themselves bombarded in their hearts. We must check to see that we are in Christ, and not deceive ourselves into disqualifying ourselves. He knows your heart, if you love Him, believe Him, if you watch your words and behavior. He know. He knows we make mistakes and loves us regardless, He knows. He knows better that we know ourselves

A heart full of grace and favor will find rest and freedom in the Holy Spirit. He will withhold no good thing. A heart full of grace will know and love and desire Jesus and walk in His perfect love. And when the word is sown, it stays and springs from a well watered heart full of the Holy Spirit, it will bloom and be vibrant, in newness of life, forever young, healthy and loved because of His great love, grace is Jesus. He establishes our hearts. Sometimes, we just aren’t meant to be srong women of faith, we have to be weak, so He can be strong. Grace upon grace. May God bless you with grace today. Rebecca Jones


Crystal Storms



An Orphan’s Heart

Have you ever even heard of this? When I was introduced to this teaching it was new to me but I realized how much sense it made. It explained a lot of the longing and loneliness  of my heart. Why did I think like this? I’m not an orphan. Most of us aren’t. Although i have no idea the percentages.

It appears that your heart can suffer this spiritual malady even if you have parents, and loving parents, even Christian parents. You can still feel lonely, lost or forsaken. God promises not to abandon you, even if your mother or father does, even like a nursing mother could not forget her child, and you know some do. it’s just that your parents are not like God in the sense of being all knowing, seeing the real need, they can feed and clothe you, love you, but not on as a deep a spiritual level.

I was crying about something that I was making one day, now I know I was crying over something else entirely. God can explain it. He sees everything, knows everything. Parents don’t. God sees the spiritual, and when we pray in the Spirit we can sometimes have glimpses but He knows it all, and protects us from so much we can’t even perceive, parents may try, but they can’t and don’t always know the real need. So what about lost souls or suffering ones?

My father left when I was two and never knew Him. Even if you have a good stepfather or uncle or someone who can be close to you and influence you. You can still suffer from an orphan heart.  You need God’s love to heal it. You need the best father ever. You need your Heavenly Father. Jesus will meet you and not leave you and orphan.

It is a double dose of a despicable spirit that lingers over you and haunts you as if you’d been raised in an orphanage or left wandering the streets to fend for yourself. Why? Maybe, simply because you are not a believer and don’t know Jesus loves you. And maybe you are a believer, but only in salvation. Maybe, you never realized how much salvation included, the whole of Isaiah 53. You may want to seek a deeper relationship with your Father.

He can be calling to your spirit. It may be that you are a believer and being tormented because of certain things you have not dealt with, old hurts, wounds or being unwilling to forgive. It may be nothing of the kind, even a strong believer can have this ache because God is calling you deeper. It is a place in your heart that yearns for  our Abba, Father, because we have been adopted. This can be a deep study, there are issues of rejection and abandonment. Two things God will never do if you receive Christ.

He longs to be your Father, to love you deeply as no earthly Father could. He is the perfect Father, a perfect Valentine. He has given you His beloved Son already, why would He spare His love and healing or generous gifts? So why do we walk around in this? It’s probably not even a mindset, it is an ache in your heart for unconditional love. People who have everything can still feel this emptiness, people who have nothing can fall into despair. Money or anything will not fill this void, on God is a satisfactory and peaceful resolution, and He is being rejected.

If you feel this way talk to Him about the emptiness, and think of the people who really are in orphanages or alone. Perhaps, He is drawing people to the aid of children. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Let Him love your heart well so you can help other heal. Nothing else will close the gap, heal the wound, erase the scars, restore His peace, or bless with beautiful memories.

I pass along the love of Jesus one healed orphan heart to another, let God’s love in, He is never to busy or never too tired. Human beings though created in His image, can’t imagine being God and getting all those requests, we can’t process it. He always cares and listens. Let the Holy Spirit deepen His love in you this Valentine’s Day and from now on. We have a loving Father, He is not a reflection of the earthly one, but He wants us to reflect Him.

Rebecca Jones / pexels / Adobe Spark