Hardened Hearts Healed




If you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…be diligent to enter that rest. Hebrews 4:7

This is a very important study to do close to the end of our month.. For years I pray for people to have that heart of stone removed and get the heart of flesh. I really think that might have been amiss.

I saw very little change in some people, if fact, some may have gotten worse. No matter how much you want to pray or intercede for, even take Communion for, stand in the gap for someone, you cannot receive for them or think for them or believe for them and you cannot control the tongues of others. And never say you’d take someone’s demons or something so foolish, thinking you can ger rid of them.

To be honest, I tried to what was right, maybe I didn’t do it with as much love for some as for others. I’m still human, as much as I want to emulate the Lord, I am just closer and more able to talke to some people than others. But faith works with hope and love and that’s the greatest one of all.

Now I simply pray for them to know how much the Lord loves them, to have revelation of His great sacrifice, for Him to bless them, even if the have or continue to hurt me. It’s the right thing to do. And then it still up to them to have the heart of stone softened like a rose petal or sadly, they can grow harder still. Why?

Hebrews 4:7 says it all. They have not entered the rest that God planned for them, they have not pursued His peace with a passion, and instead wander aimlessly inthe wilderness year after year when the promised land is there.

Are there giants? Perhaps, but we are not grasshoppers,  ifd 80yr. olds are strong, we should be. There is milk and honey, vineyards and grapes. What the wicked one has stolen only God can return. He knows the tally and we’ve missed so much. Why?

We heard His voice, soft and gentle, and thought it too good to be true. Ignored it. Loved it but let cares of life and the tares and tears choke down our garden of dreams. The thorns were razor sharp thoughts that againand again we cast down, because we couldnot even dream of the good things God planned. And day after day the voice is dimmer, farther, a faded memor of a prayer or promise. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When He calls you at night or early in the morning, He calls you beloved and you are His and He calls you by name, engraved in His palms, the still, small, voice that Samuel heard.Answer, Hineni…here I am, Lord.

He will quiet you with love and rejoice in song. He longs to hear your prayers and praise and His desire is for you to speak life and truth in love. Speak His words, don’t agree with the false accuser who would make God’s covenant’s null and void if he could, he cannot. God’s Word will not return void but prosper what it is sent to do, do it with faith, hope and love.

If there is the faintest cry of love in your heart, no matter how broken, desperate or barren. Listen, hear His voice and do not continue to harden your heart, as an unbeliever, receive Him as Lord, as a believer receive healing and deliverance and most of all accept the love of the one who is love and loved the most, Jesus. Lord, I pray for hardened hearts to be healed. Rebecca Jones /Alex Martinez, Unsplash , thanks.


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