Create A New Heart


We may be familiar wth the psalmist prayer that asks the Lord to create a clean heart in him and renew a right spirit.  What does that mean for us today and how can we apply that to our own situations? So many times we’re bogged down in the mundane, the day to day cares of the world that we can let things build up on or in our hearts and spirits.

Just like we bathe away perspiration and dirt, we can bathe in the water of the soothing Word and the prescence of the Holy Spirit. Its like getting in a tub and relaxing our mind and body and releasing toxins, the same principle applies in the spiritual.

As for renewing the right spirit, that is more of an attitude. How we approache things can be a major way we allow theenemy in. Are we doing it to be seen, because we think someone expects us to? Are we guilted into things? Or do we do it out of love. If you love someone, make their lives easier, even if its folding laundry or having a sandwich for dinner, giving a woman a bit of down time is key to a healthy and happy marriage.

It works for work and church as well. I once taught Bible Study, but then I was doing everyhing. It ddin’t last. I can fix lunches and desserts, come up with a lesson plan. I even make a mean pot of chili. But I should have been doing one or the other.

I did it because I wanted to, but because others wanted me too. If people are coming for a good lunch, it shoud be just lunch. If they are hungry for the Word and the healing power of God, then snacks will do. I know that book, and I know that Jesus, if I don’t have an answer I’ll find it.

Let’s be more considerate of others. Don’t do someone’s job, but help out now and then. Don’t add chores to someone or call on them just because they are willing. You can have a servants heart and it will run down, pray about gifts and calling, work together. Strive for that peace and harmony.

It actually, should be something that hard if we have the right attitude and renew our hearts and minds, day by day or even moment by moment if necesary. I pray He gives us clean hearts in these last days and renews a right spirit, if you don’t want to do it, don’t, but f He tells you to, like Mary says, do whatever He tells you to. Rebecca Jones stock photo…

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