The Miraculous Power of Love

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Love never fails. Everything else does and will. If God is love and He is then He never fails. It is only that we fail to recieve or to believe. Too often we are disqualifing ourselves, because we cannot fathom the depths of that love.  What He does for one, He will for another. Sometimes, we are often leaving our hearts out of walking in love when we begin to wonder about others, why there prayers are answered and not our own, why they have certain gifts or miracles and here we are waiting. We should really be glad for them.

I was always that way, I wanted things for everybody not just me. I think I thought better of them than me. While I was waiting I was disqualifying me. To others and even in just outward appearance, I might not look like much but He was looking at my heart. He saw what I did. I’m sure others never even knew how much I prayed for them. And that’s not a boast for me it was that loving nature I had received as a believer.

What is the miraculous power of love. It is changing a heart. And by heart I mean spirit and soul. It was easy for me as a while to receive Him as Lord.  I’ve never known anything else. But what about the hard hearted sinner who has not been taught or the one who has concern for Christ. The evil, wicked and decieived.

Yes, turning around that kind of heart is a miraculous. Probably, the most difficult of all miracles. Though nothing is too hard for God, He can heal a sniffle or a rare tropical disease with the same ease, turning a soul to Jesus is another matter, because of free will. I have hear it said that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He will not force His attention on you. Yet, day after day, He crosses our paths with opportunities to see Him in His glory, to meet Him face to face.

The mere fact you are breathing and can wake up and see a sunrise is a gift. It is a day he made, a gift to rejoice in. The sky, the sea, the whole beauty of the earth and glorious wonders of the heavens, the stars in the night sky testify of His greatness and the limitless of His power. Yes, He is mighty to save and it is His power alone that can turn you around.

That’s all repent means, to change your mind, to go another way, the way of the cross, and past it into resurrection. Into the hhidden life He has planned for you. If you have a baby and make it a book, you wite down plans and dreams for your child, that is God’s dream as well.

Forgive me, if I offend you. But it is foolish to think that God does not care or want the best for you. He gave you jesus, His most precious one as a sacrifice on the alter of a cross. He suffered, cried and faced hell to retrieve Adam authority. This kind of love does not fail. Natural human love fails.

He knows how to give good gifts to His children. We dont want to toss them aside like children will and settle for the box. Or take them apart and not know where the pieces fit. Or worse, not to follow the instructions, and the wisdom and be misguided and give up, toss it back in, throw it the closet. People return gifts, but God does not take His back, they are forever precious. He will give you what you ask for, far above what you can think.

So let’s start to believe in that miraculous power, that sits in heaven to the north, on His throne. He knows and sees all and holding a memory book. He has plans for good and He is willing to guide you home to heaven if you will allow Him in. He desire no sparrow to fall, but in a fallen world they do.

He desires no one be a lost soul but in the fallen world they are. And yet, day after day, angels are all around, drawing the lost ot Him, I pray they heed the voice that is love before it is to late, His return is upon us. He’s waiting to touch you with His miraculous love. Rebecca Jones stock photo

Crystal Storms

2 thoughts on “The Miraculous Power of Love”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am continually reminded to walk in grace and to practice grace with myself and others! We can love because He first loved us! Thanks for your encouraging words! (Stopping by from #HeartEncouragement)


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