Heartbroken For Jesus


Most people long for love, they often settle for less. No wonder so many are in such poor relationships and so many families are broken. Nevertheless, there are those who long for the love of Christ, to know His cleansing power, to make you new in life.

We long to know His mercy and His grace. We are the recipients of His great love and mercy, grace, peace, healing and deliverance and whatever benefit we could desire, all because of so great a salvation.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sinful nature and we are born again believers and begin to walk in His ways. And still so many Christians are struggling, so many are without hope even though they have Him as their anchor. Why?

We are still in our carnal nature sometimes because we are still human. We are usually wanting Jesus to do something for us. And truly, we can do nothing for the one whom the Father has given everything into His hands. He doesn’t need our money, even though it’s right to give, He doesn’t even need that we show up for church and volunteer and that too, is right. He deserves and is worthy of our praise, but does He need it. I doubt it. Jesus is confident in Himself, He knew who He was, and is and is to come, the Lord Almighty.

He doesn’t even need you to say. ” Poor Jesus, what you went through. ” But He demands respect for that sacrifice, and if you ever find yourself broken hearted for Jesus, you will know His pure love. He really took our place. He really was punished for our peace. He really was beaten and marred for our healing. I doubt any of us can fully identify with Him, though I tried. I merely found myself in a lot of pain, physically and mentally, and emotionally, because that was not His will.

He wants to be your friend. He wants you to talk to Him, confide in Him. It is love like a marriage and yet, so many marriages are in trouble because of a lack of communication. Women talk a lot, men won’t. They are very different but so much the same in need of a loving God to restore them to the place of peace and safety for their souls.

February is a month for romance and desire. There is a day set aside for Valentine’s but St. Valentine stood for so much more and it is far above a pagan ritual of choosing a mate by picking a piece of paper from a bowl. No, if you’re not married, let God pick. Wait, it’s worth it.

Before any girl or young woman thinks of marriage, she should first know the love of a real man, one who will not disappoint or lie. That’s where raising children  comes in and parents should be aware of how they are treating each other. Sadly, this won’t always be the case and many women are already hurt ( and men ).

That is why I encourage you to be brokenhearted for Jesus, if you can ever understand His sacrifice and His love, you will be able to love and be loved completely. Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis / Unsplash thank you.

  • If you care to scroll back, February has been about love on the blog.

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