A Grateful Heart

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What is a grateful heart? Having a grateful heart is simply giving thanks, in good times or bad. You can be grateful for things you have or have prayed for and have yet to receive. Faith is the key to believing what you have not seen, being grateful thanks Him in advance.

You can always being grateful for home and family, a good career job or marriage. That is easy. What’s harder is giving thanks when there’s not enough money, when you need tp work or a way to get to one there. It let’s you say out loud, thank you Jesus, that I have more than enough, because you supply my needs.

Thank Him that you are well, healed, even if you are taking medicine or have symptoms. Believe in His healing power. You doctor can confirm healing. Thank Him for protecting your family. Pray Psalm 23 and 91, the Lord’s Prayer. Thank Him for His will being done on earth as in Heaven.

Thank Him for reversing unjust situations. Pray about people who oppress you like Hannah. She took her problems about Penninah to the Lord, and became pregnant with Samuel.  We should also  take our problems to Him, because taking on our bullies or Goliaths, on our own is not a good idea with knowing He has us covered.

It’s a good idea to pray in the morning. Be grateful for the new day. Rejoice just because He made it. It is ticking on to March, it has been warm here in Georgia. As I look forward to spring, I can be thankful for the sun and the roses and the butterflies that chase me around the driveway. ( Updating this in  the fall and going to November, I still see a few butterflies and am grateful to still be blogging. )

You can, of course, always look to the other people you know and see their problems. That is also a good way to be grateful. We can all find a way to count our blessings if we try. There will always be something to thank Him for no matter how bad it is. Maybe you were hurt in an accident, but you weren’t killed. Maybe, you lost some money, but not all of it. Remember, the devil means you harm, God can turn it for good. It’s much more than positive thinking. It’s not even the glass half empty or full theory.

It’s much more, Paul knew how to abound and be abased. He found grace in good times and bad, and if he was rejoicing in prison, and singing, we can look to God with sufficient grace and have a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy one who gave His Son.

Rebecca Jones / Christian Newman thank you.

Where is that joyful and grateful spirit you felt then? Galatians 4:15

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